2022-23 Equity Adjustment: Details


Implementation Details

Equity Comparison Groups

Equity comparison groups are assigned for each eligible academic job. For most, the equity comparison group is based on academic series, by school/college, B/E/E (Business, Economics, and Engineering) salary scale or not, and Above Scale separate from Non-Above Scale. 

  • Some series are grouped together. e.g. The Lecturer with Security or Potential Security of Employment series is treated together with faculty in the Professorial series.
  • The College of Letters and Sciences were slightly modified in consultation with the Dean. There are three groups of departments that closely, but not exactly, resemble the former divisions in the college. The Department of Economics is the fourth unit of analysis because its faculty are on the B/E/E scale, unlike other departments in the college.

Above Scale

Faculty members at the Above Scale rank no longer have off-scale components of pay. For Above Scale faculty, we used the average proportion of off-scale to total salary of the corresponding non-above scale group to estimate each Professor’s predicted portion of their total salary that is considered off-scale for equity purposes (referred to as pseudo off-scale). For an example, see the Calculations page.

Split Appointments / Multiple Jobs

Academics with split appointments across comparison groups (jobs in different groups) had their total salary contribution apportioned to each unit based on the actual percent of appointment assigned to that unit.  For example, a faculty member with a 70% appointment in Group 1 and a 30% appointment in Group 2 would have 70% of their total salary assigned to Group 1’s salary equity pool, and 30% assigned to Group 2’s salary equity pool.  Each job in a different equity group will be compared in that group and equity results applied to the individual job. The amount of their total equity adjustment across all jobs would reflect a weighted average of the equity adjustments for which they are eligible in each of their respective groups.


There is a minimum stake of 5% (0.05 FTE) in any comparison group to be considered for the equity program as part of that group.  Therefore, jobs that are without salary or at a very low percent appointment are excluded from the calculations.

Minimum size

An Equity comparison group must be at least two jobs to be able to calculate equity, as equity is relative to others in the group.

Off-Scale type

For this equity program we considered off-scales of 'type 1' (UCOFF1, UCOHR1), otherwise known as 'traditional off-scales'.

Groups with no off-scales

An Equity comparison group where no jobs have traditional off-scales generates no equity results, as the mean off-scale is 0.