D. Quick Reference Guide to UC/UCD Resources

1. General Information

2. Policies, Procedures, and Programs

3. Resource Organizations

4. Collegial Advice

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UC Davis Administrative Responsibilities Handbook

Academic Personnel Manual

Academic Personnel Process at UC Davis for Senate Faculty: FAQs

General Catalog

Principles of Community

Principles of Safety

Policy and Procedure Manual-- UC Davis

Union Contract for Unit 18 Employees-- systemwide

Union Contract for Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty: Text, Background & Discussion

Union Contract for TAs and Tutors (Academic Student Employees)-- systemwide

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Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

Academic Recruitment Guidelines (UCD 500)

Affirmative Action in Employment (UCD P&P Manual, Section 380-10)

Alcoholic Beverage Consumption on Campus (UCD P&P Manual, Section 270-21)

Appointment and Promotion (APM 220) (pdf)

Appointment and Promotion (UCD 220)

Campus Violence Prevention Program

Conflict Management (Office of the Vice Provost--Academic Affairs)

Conflict of Interest--UCD (UCD P&P Manual, Section 380-16)

Conflict of Interest Code--UC

Conflict of Interest Due to Consensual Relationships (APM 015) (pdf)

Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities (Faculty Members) (UCD 025)

Consultation and Voting on Academic Senate Personnel Actions (UCD 220-- Bylaw 55)

Emergency Information (Cases of Violence: call 530.752.3299)

Faculty Code of Conduct (APM 015) (pdf)

Integrity in Research (APM 190--Appendix B) (pdf)

Integrity in Research (UCD P&P Manual, Section 220-05)

Misuse of University Resources (UCD P&P Manual, Section 330-95)

Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Corrective Action and Dismissal (APM 150) (pdf)

Procedures for Faculty Discipline (UCD 016)

Recruitment and Retention of Faculty

Sexual Harassment Education Program (and Sexual Harassment Advisors)

Sexual Harassment and Complaint Resolution

Substance Abuse-- University Policy (APM 190, Appendix C) (pdf)

Violence in the Workplace (P&P Manual, Section 390-30)

Violence in the Workplace-- How to Report an Incident

Whistleblower Policy (APM 190) (pdf)

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Academic Affairs

Counseling and Psychological Services (Student ‘Counseling Center’)

Cowell Student Health Center

Employee & Labor Relations

Environmental Health & Safety

IT Express (Information and Educational Technology)

Human Resources

Mediation Services

Office of the University Registrar

Staff Development & Professional Service

Student Judicial Affairs

Center for Educational Effectiveness

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"Collegial Advice for Assistant Professors"

Division of Biological Sciences Faculty Handbook (pdf)

Teaching Resources Center Teaching Handbook: “Teaching at UC Davis: Suggestions and Resources

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