UC Davis Honorees

The Royal Society of Chemistry brings together the most prominent scientists in the world to form a community of over fifty-four thousand members, who are so elected for high innovation in a rapidly changing discipline. More>>

Louise Berben

A researcher in the areas of inorganic and solid state and synthetic chemistry, Louise Berben is leading studies of redox reactions for development of sustainable, economic methods for capturing and storing energy from renewable resources, and chemical processes for decreasing waste product from these activities.


Frank Osterloh

Professor of Chemistry Frank E. Osterloh's interests span the chemical, physical, and catalytic properties of inorganic nanomaterials for application to solar energy conversion and other technologies. 



Philip P. Power
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Philip P. Power has contributed significantly to research on molecular synthesis, new forms of bonding, and reactivity among various elements. 



Dean Tantillo

Professor of Chemistry Dean Tantillo's research in organic chemistry is driven by mechanisitic questions, particularly regarding the origins of low activation barriers and high regio- and stereoselectivities for various cascade polycyclization reactions.