Wolf Prize in Agriculture

UC Davis Honorees


Jorge Dubcovsky

Jorge Dubcovsky, Distinguished Professor of Plant Sciences, director of the UC Davis Wheat Breeding Program and Wheat Molecular Genetics Laboratory, and international curator of the Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat, is the 2014 recipient of the Wolf Prize. His discoveries led to the dramatic improvement of the health and nutritional quality of one of the world's foremost grains. 


Gurdev Khush

A prominent international scientist and adjunct professor in the Department of Plant Sciences, Gurdev Khush is known particularly for his contributions to rice health and breeding. Khush received the Wolf Prize in 2000. 




Harris A. Lewin

Harris Lewin, Vice Chancellor for Research, holder of the Robert and Rosabel Osborne Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor of Evolution and Ecology, was one of two recipients worldwide of the Wolf Prize in 2011. Among other contributions, he is known for his pioneering work in mapping the bovine genome, leading to important consequences for animal and human health.