Position Planning Tool

Position Planning Tool for Federation Appointments in Research Titles

This tool is designed to assist staff and faculty in planning for the hiring
and advancement of academic researchers using the following titles:

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Junior Specialist
  • Specialist (Assistant, Associate, and Full)
  • Project Scientist (Assistant, Associate, and Full)
  • Professional Researcher (Assistant, Associate, and Full)

Why is it a good idea to use this tool during the grant-budgeting process?  
Initiating a recruitment into an inappropriate title may delay an appointment by months.
In many cases, these mismatches are caused by grant budgets that provide insufficient
funding for the appointee's advancement, level of expected training and professional
responsibility. Our goal is to help you navigate the issues surrounding two questions:

  • What is the appropriate academic series for a new appointee?
  • How should grant budgets be designed to accommodate appropriate advancement and
    percent time for academic researchers?

Another reason to use this tool: it is not fair to candidates who are overqualified for a title
to hire them into it. They will be underpaid, and it will slow down their academic progress
should they want to advance to titles with more expectations.
Helpful Hints - Please read before you start

  1. An individual can only hold a postdoctoral researcher position for no more than five years,
      and must move into a career series to remain at UC Davis in a research position.
      Please note that the five year maximum includes time as a postdoctoral
      researcher at other institutions.
  2. An individual can hold a Junior Specialist position for no more than two years,
      although a third year can be approved by exception.
  3. Principal Investigators (PIs) should mentor postdoctoral researchers and other academic
      researchers in a way that advances their careers, and encourage them to apply for regular
      merits and promotions. Even if no change in title is anticipated, PIs should budget a minimum
      of 5% salary increase per year for academic researchers.
  4. If an international researcher is here on a visa and the appointment percentage
      is reduced, there may be visa implications. Please check with Services for International Students
      and Scholars (SISS) before reducing the percent time of an international scholar.

Position Planning Tool:

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