Capital Resource Network

David Lubarsky

Welcome to the Capital Resource Network

As our dynamic Capital Region continues to grow in economic scope and professional influence, UC Davis will employ several hundred new faculty, many of whom will relocate to our region and be newcomers to our community. Established through an initial investment by UC Davis and a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Capital Resource Network (CRN) is a fee for service program that provides dual career support and family integration resources to new employees relocating to our Capital Region. Since it has become increasingly important to ensure our region is able to recruit exceptional talent leading into the success of our institutions, the services of the CRN are also available to external employers, who have highly competitive recruitments and wish for their new hires to receive a stress free “red carpet” transition into the Capital Region.

The Capital Resource Network extends a personalized welcome to newly recruited employees and receives one-on-one attention and support specific to the relocation needs of their entire family. Recommendations and customized services are outlined based on the initial-consult and the "intake" interview conducted upon referral. The Capital Resource Network helps the client based on their priority over the course of approximately 20 hours of service within a six-month period. 

About the Capital Resource Network

The Capital Resource Network (CRN) provides confidential dual career support and family integration services. These services aim to ease the transition for newly relocated hires and their families while providing them with professional, social, and personal support during the first six months upon arrival.

CRN Services

  • Initial Consult
  • The Initial Consult is a confidential conversation between the candidate or new hire, their family, and a CRN staff representative to provide information about spousal/partner dual career support and community integration services. As a neutral party, the CRN staff answers questions that are important in making an informed decision about moving to the Capital Region. Some discussions may include children's resources, medical concerns, eldercare challenges, and other private concerns where specific resources may be required. All information discussed with the CRN staff is confidential. The CRN does not report back to the hiring manager and is not part of the hiring process.

  • Dual Career Support
  • The CRN works directly with the spouse/partner of the new employee to develop multiple strategies for gaining employment in the region at a quicker rate through career counseling, professional networking, and strategic informational interviews with partners and corporate executive members.  Employment seeking strategies comes in the following ways:

    - One-on-one coaching and strategy support
    - Feedback on resume and written materials
    - Interview preparation, coaching, and video mock interviews
    - Employer outreach and advocacy
    - LinkedIn profile/presence
    - Salary and offer negotiation strategies
    Professional correspondence etiquette
    Coordination with Partner Opportunity Program Office
    - Career path and job search exploration
    - Professional development events and networking associations
    - Contact referrals for informational interviews

  • New Arrival Integration
  • Based on individual need, new arrival integration assists the relocated hire and/or any family members who are affected by the move. Our goal is to help each of our clients’ transition and acclimate smoothly into the Capital Region. The CRN helps by quickly introducing the new hire and/or their family to local resources—helping them get plugged into our community with assurance and ease. Support varies by individual but generally includes assistance with the housing search and the ability to Skype clients through rental properties if the client lives outside the area. Over the course of six months or up to 20 hours of service, the CRN can provide knowledge and expertise that includes but is not limited to:

    - A welcoming point of contact for school/school district information
    - Childcare resource options
    Housing rentals, home buying resources, housing advocacy, and neighborhood advising
    - Healthcare and Hospital resources and clinic locations
    Recommended realtor contacts ($1,000 savings in closing costs)
    - DMV locations, processes, and assistance
    - Recommending service providers within the area, utilities, cable access, home security monitoring
    - Recreation resource sheets for getting acquainted with community
    Access to networking and affinity groups such as Davis Bicycle Club, Chamber of Commerce, and LGBTQIA community organizations such as the Sacramento Gay Men’s Choir
    General assistance, check-ins, strategic introductions, as well as research on clients’ behalf