Academic Federation Workshop

Successfully Navigating the Academic Review Process: A workshop for Assistant and Associate Professional Researchers, Project Scientists, Specialists, Specialists in Cooperative Extension and Agronomists

How will you be evaluated for yoru merit review?

Where can you find informaiton on the evaluation process for your title series?

How should you put your dossier together to best highlight your accomplishments?

If you cannot answer these questions, you are invited to attend an interactive workshop that will guide you in how to be successful with your next academic review.

  • Learn what documentation you need to prepare your dossier.
  • Learn what key elements are looked for when your dossier is being reviewed.
  • Bring your current Position Description, as it is the key to how your work is reviewed using the criteria of your title series.
  • Bring your questions

For further information, contact: Ellen Bonnel, Academic Federation Assistant to the Vice Provost – Academic Affairs at or 530-752-4827.