Deans, Directors and Department Chairs List

Revised: October 8, 2018

Titles in bold have been recently updated.


Chancellor – Gary S. May
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor – Ralph J. Hexter
Vice Provost – Academic Affairs – Philip Kass
Vice Provost & Associate Chancellor – Global Affairs – Joanna Regulska
Vice Chancellor – Research – Prasant Mohapatra
Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs – Emily Galindo (Interim)
Vice Chancellor – Development and Alumni Relations – Shaun B. Keister



College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Dean – Helene Dillard
Executive Associate Dean - Mary Delany
Associate Dean – International Programs – Vacant
Associate Dean – Undergraduate Academic Programs – Susan Ebeler
Associate Dean - David Campbell
Associate Dean – Anita Oberbauer
Associate Dean – Ronald Tjeerdema

College of Biological Sciences

Dean – Mark Winey
Associate Dean - Academic Affairs - John Harada
Associate Dean - Undergraduate Academic Programs - Michele M. Igo
Associate Dean - Research and Resources - Gregg Recanzone

College of Engineering

Dean – Jennifer Sinclair Curtis
Associate Dean – Academic Personnel and Planning – Alyssa Panitch
Associate Dean – Facilities and Capital Planning – Cornelis Van Dam
Associate Dean – Research and Graduate Studies – Ricardo Castro
Associate Dean – Undergraduate Studies – James Schaaf

College of Letters and Science

Dean – Elizabeth Spiller
Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Humanities – Claire Waters
Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences – Motohico Mulase
Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Social Sciences – Robert Feenstra
Associate Dean – Academic Senate Liaison – Randolph Siverson
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs – Mani Tripathi
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Planning – Ari Kelman

Graduate School of Management

Dean – H. Rao Unnava
Associate Dean – Academic Affairs – Michelle Yetman

Graduate Studies

Vice Provost and Dean – Jean-Pierre Delplanque (Interim)
Associate Dean – Graduate Programs – Duncan Temple Lang
Associate Dean – Graduate Students – Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor


University Librarian – MacKenzie Smith

School of Education

Dean – Lauren Lindstrom
Associate Dean – Academic Programs and Personnel – Peter Mundy
Associate Dean – Academic Programs and Instruction – Cynthia Carter Ching

School of Law

Dean – Kevin Johnson
Senior Associate Dean – Academic Affairs – Afra Afsharipour

School of Medicine

Vice Chancellor of UC Davis Human Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer – David Lubarsky
Associate Vice Chancellor – Academic Personnel – Colleen Clancy
Associate Vice Chancellor – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Hendry Ton (Interim)
Dean – Lars Berglund (Interim)
Vice Dean – Clinical Affairs – David Wisner
Vice Dean – Medical Education – Mark Servis
Associate Dean – Admissions and Outreach – Mark Henderson
Associate Dean – Continuing Medical Education – Sandhya Venugopal
Associate Dean – Curriculum and Medical Education – Kristin Olson
Associate Dean – Graduate Medical Education – Susan Guralnick
Associate Dean – Humanities and Bioethics – Faith Fitzgerald
Associate Dean – Precision Medicine – Fred Meyers
Associate Dean – Public Health Sciences – Bradley Pollock
Associate Dean – Research – Theodore Wun
Associate Dean – Students – Sharad Jain
Associate Dean – Student & Resident Diversity – Tonya Fancher (Interim)
Associate Dean – Veterans Affairs – William T. Cahill
Associate Dean – Workforce Innovation and Community Engagement – Tonya Fancher

Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Dean – Deborah Ward (Interim)
Associate Vice Chancellor – Academic Personnel – Colleen Clancy
Executive Associate Dean – Theresa Harvath
Associate Dean – Research – Janice Bell
Associate Dean – Clinical Education & Practice – Elizabeth Rice

School of Veterinary Medicine

Dean – Michael D. Lairmore
Executive Associate Dean – John R. Pascoe
Associate Dean – Global Programs – Patricia Conrad
Associate Dean – Professional Education – Johanna Watson
Associate Dean – Research and Graduate Education – Isaac Pessah
Associate Dean – Student Programs – Karl Jandrey
Associate Dean – Veterinary Medical Center Operations – Jane Sykes

Undergraduate Education

Vice Provost and Dean – Carolyn Thomas
Associate Vice Provost - Academic Planning – Matt Traxler
Associate Dean – J. David Furlow

University Extension

Dean – Susan Catron (Interim)



College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural and Resource Economics – Rachael Goodhue
Animal Science – James Murray
Biological and Agricultural Engineering – Bryan Jenkins
Entomology and Nematology – Steven Nadler
Environmental Science and Policy – Marcel Holyoak
Environmental Toxicology – Robert Rice
Food Science & Technology – Linda Harris
Human Ecology – William Lacy (Interim)
Land, Air & Water Resources – William Horwath
Nutrition – Francene Steinberg
Plant Pathology – David Rizzo
Plant Sciences – Gail Taylor
Textiles and Clothing – You-Lo Hsieh
Viticulture & Enology – David Block
Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology – Nann Fangue

College of Biological Sciences

Evolution and Ecology – John Stachowicz
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics – Wolf Heyer
Molecular and Cellular Biology – Jodi Nunnari
Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior – Martin Usrey
Plant Biology – Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar

College of Engineering

Biological and Agricultural Engineering – Bryan Jenkins
Biomedical Engineering – Alyssa Panitch
Chemical Engineering – Roland Faller
Civil and Environmental Engineering – Amit Kanvinde
Computer Science – Matthew Farrens
Electrical & Computer Engineering – M. Saiful Islam
Materials Science & Engineering – Jeffery Gibeling
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Stephen Robinson

College of Letters and Science

African American and African Studies – Nicelma King
American Studies – Charlotte Biltekoff
Anthropology – Lynne Isbell
Art and Art History –  Annabeth Rosen (Co-Chair for Art and Art History), Young Suh (Interim Co-Chair for Art Studio), and Talinn Grigor (Co-Chair for Art History)
Asian American Studies – Robyn Rodriguez
Chemistry – Jared Shaw (Interim)
Chicana/o Studies – Carlos Jackson
Cinema & Digital Media – Timothy Lenoir
Communication – Laramie Taylor
Comparative Literature – Sheldon Lu
Design – Christina Cogdell
Earth & Planetary Sciences – Michael Oskin
East Asian Languages and Cultures – Michael Foster
Economics – Giovanni Peri
English – Gina Bloom (Interim)
French and Italian – Noah Guynn
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies – Maxine Craig
German and Russian – Sven-Erik Rose
History – Edward Dickinson
Linguistics – Raul Aranovich
Mathematics – Abigail Thompson
Military Science – Lt. Col. Ryan Burkert
Music – Laurie San Martin
Native American Studies – Elisabeth Rose Middleton
Philosophy – James Griesemer
Physics – Robert Svoboda
Political Science – Erik Engstrom
Psychology – Susan Rivera
Religious Studies – W. Flagg Miller (Interim)
Sociology – Ryken Grattet
Spanish & Portuguese – John Slater
Statistics – Alexander Aue
Theatre and Dance – David Grenke

School of Medicine

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine – Richard Applegate
Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine – Kit Lam
Cell Biology and Human Anatomy – Paul Fitzgerald
Dermatology – Samuel Hwang
Emergency Medicine – James Holmes (Interim)
Family and Community Medicine – Anthony Jerant
Internal Medicine – Timothy Albertson
Microbiology & Immunology – Satya Dandekar
Neurology – Fredric Gorin
Neurological Surgery – Griffith Harsh
Obstetrics & Gynecology – Gary Leiserowitz
Ophthalmology& Vision Science – Mark Mannis
Orthopaedic Surgery – Robert Randall
Otolaryngology – Gregory Farwell
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine – Lydia Howell
Pediatrics – Satyanarayana Lakshminrusimha
Pharmacology – Donald Bers
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Craig McDonald
Physiology & Membrane Biology – Luis Fernando Santana
Psychiatry & Behavioral Science – Ladson Hinton (Interim)
Public Health Sciences – Bradley Pollock
Radiology – Raymond Dougherty
Radiation Oncology – Richard K. Valicenti
Surgery – Diana Farmer
Urology – Christopher Evans

School of Veterinary Medicine

Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology – Edward Schelegle
Medicine and Epidemiology – John Angelos
Molecular Biosciences – Pamela Lein
Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology – Dori Borjesson
Population Health and Reproduction – Alan Conley
Surgical & Radiological Sciences – Bruno Pypendop



Air Quality Research Center – Anthony Wexler
Bodega Marine Laboratory – Gary Cherr
California National Primate Research Center – John Morrison
Comprehensive Cancer Center – Primo Lara
Center for Healthcare Policy and Research – Joy Melnikow
Institute of Transportation Studies – Daniel Sperling
John Muir Institute for the Environment – Benjamin Houlton
Program in International and Community Nutrition – Christine Stewart (Interim)