Jefferson Science Fellowship

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UC Davis Honorees

The Jefferson Science Fellows program is open to tenured or similarly ranked faculty from US institutions of higher learning who are US citizens. After successfully obtaining a security clearance, selected Jefferson Science Fellows, recognized for their research and public engagement contributions in science, engineering, and medicine, spend one year on assignment at the US Department of State or US Agency for International Development (USAID), serving as advisers on issues of foreign policy or international development. Assignments are tailored to the needs of the hosting office, while taking into account the fellows’ interests and areas of expertise. Following the fellowship year, fellows will return to their academic career but remain available to the federal government as experienced consultants for short-term projects. More>>

Mark Mascal, Professor of Chemistry, has been appointed an NAS Jefferson Science Fellow. He will serve as an advisor to the State Department on matters of sustainability.
Mark Mascal, 2022 Jefferson Science Fellow, conducts a variety of research spanning renewable energy and sustainable materials to medicinal chemistry and organic superconductors. A professor of chemistry in the College of Letters and Science motivated by the critical need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he has developed technologies to convert plant biomass into plastics and fuels, among other commercialized entities.

Kenneth Verosub

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Kenneth Verosub, of the College of Letters and Science Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, a 2009 Jefferson Science Fellow, has studied the magnetic properties of rocks, sediments and soils, to determine the Earth's geophysical behavior during the past 40 million years. His studies have focused on the influence of geologic events and processes on the development of societies, civilizations and cultures