2022-23 Equity Adjustment: Overview



NOTE: Due to challenges with the October 1 Range Adjustment, the results of the 2022-23 Salary Equity Process will appear on the December 1, 2022 paychecks, retroactive to October 1, 2022 effective date for state-funded positions. For all others, please see the Funding page for more information. Contact the Academic Affairs data managers with any questions at aadatamanagers@ucdavis.edu.

This equity program aims to adjust off-scale salary components among the eligible academics, within equity comparison groups. Eligible academics will have their off-scale salaries compared and adjusted proportionally to the difference between the mean off-scale in the group and their pre-equity off-scale. The equity pool is 1.5% of the total salary within each comparison group.  The salary data was frozen as of May 31, 2022, but the adjustments will be applied retroactively on or after October 1, 2022.  The goal is to reduce historical salary inequities within units and bring salaries for UC Davis faculty and academics closer to the mean across the same academic series within colleges and schools. Please review messaging from Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Mary Croughan on this matter. 


Certain academic jobs at UC Davis are eligible for off-scale salary equity adjustments if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Off-scale salary below the mean off-scale salary within their comparison group
    If there is enough left in the equity pool after bringing up everyone within the comparison group to the mean, excess funds will be used to continue raising the lowest off-scales beyond the mean. For Above Scale faculty, salary derived from off-scale components were estimated using the proportion of off-scale for the corresponding non-Above Scale group. More detail about this calculation can be found on the Details page.
  • Not a member of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP)
    Faculty members in the HSCP very rarely receive off-scale salaries, and are instead compensated through a series of salary components related to research discipline, clinical specialization, clinical earnings, and extramural funding.
  • Not in a Represented Academic Title
    Those in academic titles represented by collective bargaining are not eligible for participation, as their compensation is contractually negotiated.
  • Advancing in their series above a benchmark
    Although the UC Davis equity adjustment is not intended as a merit-based adjustment, this eligibility criterion reflects that academics who have fallen well behind normative progress and high-level faculty members showing minimal progress through the merit system are unlikely to have maintained a market value comparable to their peers. 
    • Academics at or below Full Rank step 4.5 - need a successful advancement within the last 7 years (approved postponements give another year of look-back)
    • Academics at or above *Professor Step 5 - need a successful advancement within 10 years and no 'unsatisfactory' 5 year reviews in that period.
               *other series at or above Full Rank step 5 including Professional Research, Project Scientist, Specialist in CE
  • List of Eligible Titles and groupings thereof
  • Professor
    Professor in Residence
    Professor of Teaching (
    LSOE series)
    Acting Professor of Law
    Acting Professor

    Professor of Clinical X (not in HSCPlan)
    Health Sciences Clinical Professor (not in HSCPlan)

    Adjunct Professor

    Specialist in Cooperative Extension (combined group across CAES and SOVM)

    Academic Administrator (all levels treated together)

    Academic Coordinator (three levels treated separately)

    Continuing Educator (three levels treated separately)

    Non-represented Librarian: Supervisor

    Non-represented Professional Researcher: Supervisor

    Non-represented Project Scientist: Supervisor

    Non-represented Specialist: Supervisor

    University Extension Teacher