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MyInfoVault, also known as MIV, is an online database that houses academic personnel research, creative activity, teaching and service data, and creates and routes electronic dossiers for academic peer review. It also allows for creation and routing of academic leave of absence requests. The program is sponsored by Academic Affairs with technical assistance from Information and Educational Technology (IET). MIV is used by academics and academic personnel staff across campus and the health system to process all action types.

MIV Users Group

The role of the MIV Users Group is to provide insight and recommendations directly to Academic Affairs staff, who use that advice in their work with the MIV development team. The charge of the Users Group is to assist the MIV development team with:

  • improving current features of MIV;
  • identifying potential new features;
  • providing input on the development of these features; and
  • prioritizing future enhancements.

MIV Team

MIV is supported by a team of functional and technical staff members. In Academic Affairs, Brian Darnell and Cathy Wu are product managers overseeing functionality and development roadmap. Christine Wolle and Katrina Wong provides analysis and help desk support. In IET, Stephen Paulsen serves as the developer. Together, they are responsible for keeping the project on track, including programming and testing the new code, informing the campus of ongoing activities that will affect the use of the program, and responding to requests for assistance. To contact the team with problems or suggestions for improvement, e-mail us at

Uses for MIV

MIV is used to prepare and route all academic actions for Senate and Federation members through the review process, including both redelegated and non-redelegated actions, as well as new appointments for individuals being recruited from outside the Davis campus. MIV is also used to route academic leave of absence requests. Academic users of MIV also have the ability to generate a curriculum vitae or an NIH biographical sketch.