UC Davis Prize Criteria and Process

The UC Davis Prize, given annually, recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication and achievement in undergraduate teaching and in research/creative activity. The UC Davis Foundation sponsors the Prize which is currently $60,000.

The Prize recognizes exceptional achievement and, at the same time, demonstrates and reaffirms that outstanding teaching and scholarship go hand in hand. The underlying purpose of the Prize is to promote excellence among scholars at the forefront of knowledge who are making their expertise available to undergraduate students. Recipients of the award represent the highest ideals for the faculty and, as such, should be effective spokespersons for the campus and its educational mission.

By agreement with the UC Davis Foundation, the process of selection is administered by the Chancellor's Office. Only deans may make nominations, which are forwarded to an advisory committee consisting of faculty, students and members of the Board of Trustees of the UC Davis Foundation for review and recommendation to the Chancellor.