Streamlining - Adopted as Campus Practice

The following procedures from the 2009 streamlining efforts have now been implemented as campus practice. A summary of the streamlining efforts that have been adopted from 2009 has been developed to assist you in understanding the changes. These changes have been implemented in the Delegation of Authority for Academic Affairs Actions and checklists for appointment and advancement actions.

Summary of Streamlining


Project Scientist and Specialist

Appointments: Appointments are delegated to the Dean for Assistant and Associate rank with the proviso that any JPC recommendations that disagree with that of the Dean be forwarded to the Vice Provost for final decision.


Extramural letters: Extramural letters are not required for appointments at the Assistant rank.

Search Waivers

Delegate to the Dean the authority to approve search waivers for grant-funded appointments for Project Scientists and Specialists when:


a. The appointee is the principal investigator (PI) or co-principal investigator (co-PI) of a grant; or


b. When the appointee, who is not a PI or co-PI, has been named in the grant or contract for a specific task.


All approved search waivers are to be sent to the Academic Affairs Analyst.

Position Description Templates

Position description templates have been established for Academic Administrators, Academic Coordinators, Project Scientists, and Specialists.

Dean's letter

Eliminate the Dean's letter for promotion reviews when the Dean concurs with the recommendation.

Streamlining - Pilot Program in Progress

A summary of the active streamlining efforts that have been implemented since 2010 has been developed to assist you in understanding the changes. Please refer to the streamlining documents linked at the bottom of this document for complete information.

ACADEMIC PERSONNEL - PHASE I (Initiated July 22, 2010)


One-Time Payments

The Deans will have approval authority for one time payments up to the maximum of $1,000 per event.


Interlocation and Multi Campus appointment forms

The Dean will have authority to approve interlocation and multi campus appointment forms. All academic policies and procedures for appointment must still be completed prior to initiating a form if a new appointment is required by the action.


Search Waivers

The Dean will have approval authority for search waivers  for appointees in the Health Sciences Clinical Professor series.


Visiting series

The Dean has approval authority for all appointments and reappointments in the Visiting series. The Dean's Office will be office of record for these actions.





Professor Above Scale

The review period for Professor, Above Scale is unchanged, the supporting documents that accompany the dossier need extend only back to those occurring after advancement to Professor, Step VI.


Lecturer SOE/Sr. Lecturer SOE Extramural letters

Extramural letters for barrier-step advancements for Lecturer SOE and Senior Lecturer SOE will no longer be required.


Endowed Chair/Professor five year review/reappointment

Extramural letters will be optional for five year review/reappointment of Endowed Chairs/Professorships.



Delegation to the Dean

All normal appointments, merits and promotions (except above scale actions) in the following titles will be delegated to the Dean:


Academic Administrator


Academic Coordinator




Continuing Educators (UNEX)


Actions should be sent directly to the Academic Senate Office for Federation review.


If the Dean's intended decision differs from the committee recommendation, delegation reverts to the Vice Provost.


A normal action for an Academic Administrator is two increments on the salary scale.


Academic Administrator/Coordinator
Position Screenings

The Dean will have the authority to approve all position screenings for the Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator series after review by the Academic Federation committee.


Optional review by FPCs for Lecturers

Normal redelegated Continuing Lecturer merits will be reviewed and final decisions will be made by the Dean without FPC review unless the Dean or the FPC requests such review.


1. If the Dean's decision is appealed, the dossier/appeal documents will be reviewed by the FPC, which will make their recommendation to the Dean.


2.Departments would be given the option of participating in the pilot program.


3. Individuals within departments that chose to participate would have the choice of following the existing review process or the streamlined approach.

Streamlining Phase I (July 22, 2010)

Streamlining Phase II (August 24, 2010)