2022-2023 John Eadie Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
2021-2022 Francene Steinberg Nutrition


Isabel Montañez Earth and Planetary Sciences
2019-2020 Kyaw Tha Paw U Land, Air and Water Resources
2018-2019 Anita Oberbauer Animal Science
2017-2018 Judy Callis Molecular and Cellular Biology
2016-2017 David Rizzo Plant Pathology
2015-2016 Frances Dolan English
2014-2015 Clarence Walker History
2013-2014 Suad Joseph Anthropology
2012-2013 Christopher Reynolds Music
2011-2012 Randy Dahlgren Land, Air and Water Resources
2010-2011 David Biale History
2009-2010 Richard Grosberg Evolution and Ecology
2008-2009 Edward DePeters Animal Science
2007-2008 Brenda Deen Schildgen Comparative Literature
2006-2007 Zuhair Munir Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
2005-2006 Jay Mechling American Studies
2004-2005 Maureen Stanton Evolution and Ecology
2003-2004 Francisco Samaniego Statistics
2002-2003 Stanley Sue Psychology
2001-2002 Alan Taylor History
2000-2001 Joseph Cech Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
1999-2000 Henry McHenry Anthropology
1998-1999 Peter Lindert Economics
1997-1998 Mohammed Hafez Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
1996-1997 Gary Anderson Animal Science
1995-1996 Ken Verosub Geology
1994-1995 Kern Holomon Music
1993-1994 Dean Simonton Psychology
1992-1993 Amiya Mukherjee Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
1991-1992 Leonard Herrmann Civil and Environmental Engineering
1990-1991 Barbara Horwitz Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
1989-1990 Eric Conn Molecular and Cellular Biology
1988-1989 Not Awarded  
1987-1988 Wayne Thiebaud Art
1986-1987 Roy Willis History