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In the News

Academic Affairs aspires to bring many new initiatives to UC Davis, and we're being noticed. Highlighted below are a few articles this office was mentioned in. 

02-10-2022 - Forbes - Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Harvard Professor And The 'Pass The Harasser" Problem

08-10-21 - The Chronicle of Higher Education - Race on Campus

08-11-20 - Dateline UC Davis - SEA Change, Provost Croughan 

11-18-19 - Science - NSF Unwitingly Hired a Professor Guilty of Bullying, Highlighting the 'Pass the Harasser' Problem

10-22-19 - University - Campus Joins Alliance to Support Faculty Diversity

06-27-19 - Inside Higher Ed - Reference Checks Ahead

06-25-19 - Dateline - Kass Addresses ‘Moral Imperative’ in Hiring

06-12-19 - U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space & Technology - Combating Sexual Harassment in Science (VP Kass speaks at 39.52)

06-12-19 - Miami Herald - Federal Grants May Fund Researchers with Histories of Sexual Harassment, Report Finds

05-31-19 - Science - SEA Change Honors Diversity Efforts by Universities

03-11-19 - Dateline - Honoring Key Figures in Our Diversity 

02-13-19 - University News - New AAAS Program Recognizes UC Davis for Advancing Diversity 

01-30-19 - JAVMA News - 2018 Elected AAAS Fellows Include Veterinary Faculty

01-14-19 - UC Davis Undergraduate Education (YouTube) - Phil Kass - Teaching Matters A Lot 

11-27-18 - University News - 10 from UC Davis Elected as AAAS Fellows 

11-05-18 - Inside Higher Ed - Open Searches and Diversity 

10-30-18 - University News - Project to Test Open Recruitment for Faculty 

10-28-18 - The Chronicle of Higher Education - Professors Are People. Take Care of Them

09-28-18 - University of California Press Room - UC Launches Major Push to Increase Faculty Diversity 

07-19-18 - Inside Higher Ed - Recruiting Diverse and Excellent New Faculty 

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