Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Policy

For more information on the policy requirements related to outside professional activities, please review the following system-wide Academic Personnel Manual sections and their corresponding UCD sections. 

APM 025 and UCD 025: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members

APM 671: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants

APM 240 and UCD 240: Deans

APM 246: Faculty Administrators (100% Time)

To view a brief policy review presentation, select the relevant policy section below:

APM 025 Policy Highlights

APM 671 Policy Highlights

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) in Research and Intellectual Property Policies

If you are a researcher, please note that completing your outside activity reporting responsibilities under APM 025 or APM 671 does not satisfy your separate obligation to comply with the reporting requirements for financial conflicts of interest in research. For more information on the FCOI filing process, please visit the Research Compliance and Integrity website. 

Further, though the following memos and policies do not directly apply to UC's Conflict of Commitment procedures and reporting obligations, outside professional activities can be subject to additional Conflict of Interest or Intellectual Property policies and require additional consultation and steps to ensure compliance. 

Guidance on Compendium of Conflict of Interest and Integrity Policies

APM 028 Disclosure of Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research

Summary Statement of Principles and Policies on Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research

University of California Patent Policy

UC Patent Acknowledgement

For questions about FCOI, please contact Associate Vice Chancellor Denise Ehelen with Research Compliance and Integrity ( or 530-754-0642). 

For questions about Intellectual Property, please contact InnovationAccess ( or 530-754-8649).