Academic Senate

The University of California has a system of "shared governance" whereby the faculty share in the decision making on campus. Certain academic titles, as defined by The Regents, play a major role in the shared governance of the institution.

APM 210 - Professor Series - Appointment and Advancement, Review and Appraisal Committees

APM 220 - Professor Series - Appointment and Promotion

UCD 220 - Professor Series - Academic Senate Review and Advancement

Titles include:

  • Professors (APM-220/UCD-220)
  • Professors In Residence (APM-270)
  • Professor of Clinical ___ (APM-275/UCD-275)
  • Acting Associate Professor and Acting Professor (APM-235)
  • Full-Time Lecturers with Security of Employment and Senior Lecturers with Security of Employment (APM-285)

          Working titles:

- Lecturer with Potential for Security of Employment = Assistant Professor of Teaching (___)

- Lecturer with Security of Employment = Associate Professor of Teaching (___)

- Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment = Professor of Teaching (___)

For example, a Lecturer with Security of Employment in the Department of Evolution & Ecology will use the working title of Associate Professor of Teaching Evolution & Ecology.

Some responsibilities of Senate Membership

  • Voice in determining academic policy
  • Determines admission and granting of degree requirements
  • Authorizes and supervises courses and curricula
  • Advises the administration on faculty appointments and advancements
  • Advises the administration on academic planning
  • Participates in grievance resolution and oversight of faculty code of conduct

Academic Senate: Frequently Asked Questions


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