New Title Codes

Seventy-nine (79) new academic non-exempt title codes and titles were created for use in the following series: academic coordinators, academic administrators, professional researchers, postdoctoral scholars, specialist, project scientists, cooperative extension advisors (ANR), specialists in cooperative extension, coordinators of public programs, and librarians, as well as non-faculty recalls. In addition, effective December 1, 2016, campuses currently using Title Code 2740 to appoint clinical psychology interns, students who are engaging in 1,000 hours of clinical training during their fourth or fifth year of their PhD programs, will need to move these appointments to the new exempt Title Code 2715 – Clinical Psychology Intern. The new title codes are effective November 20, 2016.

Non-exempt Academic Title Codes (pdf)

Comprehensive list of all the new non-exempt title codes with a designation of NEX in the title name.

Conversion Chart for Exempt to Non-Exempt Title Codes (pdf)

Crosswalk to assist with identifying the new title code for those academic personnel who are changing to non-exempt status.

Exempt to Non-Exempt Academic Title Crosswalk (Excel)

This crosswalk includes CTO and Compensation Group data not included in the above Conversion Chart.