UC Davis Step Plus Salary Tables

The following Step Plus Salary Tables include the Step Plus Increment.  This information is primarily meant for implementation by the academic personnel staff professionals.

  • The Step Plus Increment is a salary component equal to the half the difference between steps when the candidate is awarded a merit or promotion to a half step. 
    • MIV: When preparing a merit or promotion packet, use the whole dollar figure for the half-step on the Action form.  For example, if an Academic-Year Professor is pursuing a merit to Professor, Step 3.5 enter step 3.5 in the proposed step field and $100,800 from “Step Plus System - Table 1” in the proposed salary field. 
    • APHID: If the action is approved to the proposed half-step, the Step Plus Increment should be entered by the Dean’s Office (redelegated actions) or Academic Affairs (non-redelegated actions) in the off-scale tab of APHID.  This salary component is entered as “Step Plus Increment” and should be assigned the same end date as the pay distributions in PPS.  This salary component is retained as long as the candidate remains at this half-step. If a candidate has multiple titles to which the increment will apply, an increment entry will need to be added for each title. The appropriate percentage that the candidate holds each title should be entered into the Percent field, and the increment amount entered should reflect each title's salary scale. For candidates paid on School of Medicine salary scales, the amount entered for the increment should reflect the actual scale on which they are paid (i.e., 5-1, 5-2) rather than the base scale.
    • PPS: The Step Plus Increment should be combined with the base and entered in PPS as part of the appropriate compressed DOS code (e.g., REO or MEO).  If the candidate does not already have an off-scale, be sure to add the “O” for the off-scale indicator in the “Step/OA” field in PPS.  If the candidate already has an off-scale, add this amount to the current compressed DOS code.
  • The Step Plus Supplement was awarded only if a candidate advanced 1.5 steps or greater during the pilot (through the 2016-2017 review cycle), and was awarded only for the period of normative time at their new step. Supplements are no longer being awarded, and the last Supplements will expire on June 30, 2021.
  • Enter all steps in PPS as they are approved.  Examples: Professor Step 3 is entered as “3” in PPS.  Professor Step 3.5 is entered as “3.5” in PPS. 
  • Directions on PPS data entry for Step Plus actions are provided here, on behalf of Budget and Institutional Analysis.
  • These salary components are subject to range adjustments.

Step Plus System Salary Tables

Historical Step Plus Salary Tables