Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Philip Kass

Upcoming Events


Academic Affairs is pleased to offer new and exciting bag lunch series designed for New Faculty, Associate Professors and Department Chairs. Our tailored bag lunch sessions span a variety of topics intended to support each group in their respective professional development. Please visit the links below to learn more and register for our upcoming sessions:

New Faculty

Associate Professors

Department Chairs

For further information regarding STEAD Faculty Search Committee workshops, please click here.

Recent Academic Advisories sent to the Deans

  • AA2017-04 - Delegation of authority to the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity and Inclusion (12/1/17, Supersedes AA2013-09)
  • AA2017-03 - Updated review process deadlines and phased implementation of Administrative Deferrals (6/14/17)
  • AA2017-02 - Addendum to AA2015-06 Advisory to Deans Academic Enrichment Accounts for Recalls for First Year Seminar Program (5/12/17)
  • AA2017-01 - Rescission of Delegation for Search Plans and Search Waivers for Junior Specialist positions (4/10/17)
  • AA2016-09 - Reminder on Step Plus clarification (10/31/16)

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