UC Davis Medal

UCD Medal

About the UC Davis Medal 

The UC Davis Medal is the highest honor the campus bestows on individuals to recognize and celebrate extraordinary contributions that embody the campus’s Vision of Excellence. Recipients of the medal inspire and support the success and engagement of our students, faculty, staff and alumni as they learn, experiment and achieve to their fullest individual and collective potential. Medalists foster a bold and innovative spirit in teaching, research and public service.

History and Description

The UC Davis Medal recognizes individuals of rare accomplishment “to be heralded today and in perpetuity” as extraordinarily special members of the UC Davis community.

The design of the UC Davis Medal represents, both figuratively and literally, the legacy of contributions UC Davis has made to the world in research and scholarly endeavors.

Depicted on the medal are the campus name and its motto, “Let There Be Light.” In the upper left quadrant are the life-giving rays of the sun. Below them, leaves of the bay laurel symbolize our proud history of achievement. Lines in the lower right quadrant may be seen as energy radiating from a source, roads leading to the future, or rows of crops in fertile California fields.

The spare, relatively unadorned design, which employs an official campus typeface, Futura, is timeless and distinctive. Jan Conroy, Class of 1977, designed the medal during his long career in university graphics, publications and communications. Jan retired in 2012.

Medal Protocol (PDF)



Evelyne and Rich Rominger
Evelyne and Richard RomingerDavis Alums, Dedicated Public Servants and Longtime Volunteers

Evelyne and Richard (Rich) Rominger's relationship with UC Davis was forged long before they enrolled as undergraduates and met here in the late 1940s--both of their families had already established historical ties to the university. In their distinguished careers, Rich served as head of the California Department of Food and Agriculture under Governor Jerry Brown, and later was appointed by then-president Bill Clinton to the post of deputy secretary and chief operating officer of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where he oversaw establishment of national farming standards. Evelyne was appointed by Gov. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown to serve on the Commission of the Californias and has been active in several area health associations over the years. A lifelong advocate for gender equality and social justice issues, she was a founding board member of the Yolo County Mental Health Association and chair of the California Conference for Comprehensive Health Planning. The Romingers received the medal on June 10, 2016, at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Commencement ceremony. << See interview


Delaine Eastin
Delaine Eastin, Former State Superintendent of Schools and Davis Alumna 

UC Davis Alumna Delaine Eastin (Political Science), led California public schools from 1995 to 2003, cutting classroom size and administrative costs, ensuring greater access to computers, and introducing the value of student-planted and tended gardens in education. Chancellor Katehi presented the medal to Eastin at the College of Letters and Science commencement on June 13, 2015. << See interview



Charles Hess
Charles HessProfessor Emeritus of Plant Sciences and Former Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Charles E. "Charley" Hess, a beloved, longtime servant of the university in several roles, and an active presence on state, national and global agricultural boards and committees, was presented with the 2014 UC Davis Medal on June 12, during a Gala at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science. At Davis, Dr. Hess chaired the Department of Nutrition (2007-09), led the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (1975-89), and directed the Office of International Programs (1992-98). << See interview