Special All-Faculty Bag Lunch Presentation and Materials


Is it Bullying? 

Awareness, Understanding & Strategies in Dealing with Abrasive Behaviors

February 22, 2017

According to a recent UC Campus Climate Survey, 24% of UC Davis respondents "believed that they had personally experienced exclusionary, intimidating, offensive and/or hostile conduct." Explore strategies for identifying, understanding and responding to bullying and other forms of abrasive behaviors.




As you know, in recent years, the number of violent incidents on college and university campuses has increased and this in turn requires increased vigilance and responsiveness on the part of faculty, as well as others, within the UC Davis campus community. Join fellow faculty members in learning more about appropriate responses in the event of a crisis-level campus incident. This session will provide information for identifying potential problem behaviors, responding to disruptive and threatening behavior, and immediate strategies to promote safety.  We will discuss this critical topic, including practical tips for what you can do, and the campus resources available to assist faculty in promoting a safe teaching, learning and working environment.

 Our presenters include:

  • Matt Carmichael, Chief of Police, UC Davis Police Department
  • Don Dudley, Director, Student Judicial Affairs
  • Stephen Green, Chair, Workplace Violence Prevention Committee and Director of Employee & Labor Relations
  • Ruben Valencia, Clinical Director, Academic and Staff Assistance Program