Safety Resources for Deans and Chairs

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The University of California, Davis is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all faculty, staff, students, and the community. We have listed a few resources and programs which highlight this commitment to safety. 

Please note that Safety Services is the primary resource on campus to address safety concerns. Below, we have listed selected and additional resources on campus. 



Safety Resources


Signed Letter on Safety Chancellor May and Provost Hexter's signed letter, reaffirming their commitment to safety.
Principles of Safety The vision and mission for UC Davis to promote a culture of safety 

PPM 290-15 Safety Management Program


This Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) outlines safety responsibilities for "principal investigators/supervisors," "department heads," "employees/students," and "department/unit safety coordinators." It also outlines numerous campus-wide programs. The PPM's revision history can be viewed here

The entire PPM 290 contains a wealth of policy and resources regarding safety. 

Handbook for Chairs and Directors



The full handbook for administrative duties for chairs and directors can be found here.

The Health and Safety part of the handbook can be found here: II.B.5. Health and Safety

Per APM-245, Appendix A, Section 9, all department chairs are, "to be responsible for departmental observance of proper health and safety regulations, in coordination with the campus health and safety officer." 

SafetyNet #129

Safety Management Program Guidelines for Department Chairs 


Department chairs preform critical safety function in Campus Departments, and are responsible for leading the department's Safety Management Program. 

Safety Management Program Guidelines for Department Chairs

This guideline provides many safety components, such as Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP)Emergency Action and Evacuation Plans, Hazard Communication trainings, and much more. 

Research Lab Photography A resource providing guidelines about PPE both for researchers being photographed and for photographers. 
Campus Safety and Wellness On campus resources available to support the UC Davis community. 
Safety Resources An Academic Affairs webpage designed to offer new faculty a wealth of resources regarding safety. 
New Research Faculty Resources This webpage is offered by Safety Services

Department Safety Coordinator Directory

Department Safety Coordinators are the safety ambassadors to each department and are responsible for organizing and maintaining safety programs within their department and/or unit. Find your Department Safety Coordinator through this directory. 
Chemical Safety Resources and trainings for departments using chemicals. EH&S is available for consultation regarding safety matters.
Laboratory Safety Resources and trainings for departments (such as the Lab Safety Manual) utilizing labs. EH&S is available for consultation regarding safety matters.
Field Research Safety Resources for remote or international locations. Plus, UCOP Field Research Safety Center of Excellence and their Field Safety Update newsletters. 
Personal and Workplace Safety Various resources for faculty, staff and students. Topics range from Bike SafetyEmergency Action Plan (EAP), and Ergonomics and Body Mechanics
Workplace Safety Course Trainings Over 85 free trainings available to faculty and staff regarding safety.  Most trainings are available online. Topics range from construction safety, to confined space entry, to access to exposure and medical records.

Safety Newsletters - sign up here. 


  • CLSC Solutions - Quarterly publication for research faculty, staff, and students. They offer resources regarding safety in research laboratory environments. 
  • Beyond the Bench - Quarterly newsletter to help researchers develop and maintain a culture of safety. 
  • Safety Spotlight - UCOP's monthly newsletter regarding successes in the various safety programs


Emergencies: Dial 911 | Contact Us: (530) 752-1493  |  Report a Safety Incident or Concern