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POP Guidelines

POP Information Card

You may request a supply of up to 50 cards for use in faculty recruitment packets

Best Practices

Tentative Offer Letters

When recruiting faculty in titles eligible for the POP program, departments should determine in advance whether they are willing to offer POP services to the main effort.  If not, reference to the POP program should not be included in tentative offer letters.  If POP services will be offered, language should be general in nature without mention of proposed titles, POP funding or guarantees of partner/spouse employment.  We have provided examples of suggested language for tentative offer letters.    


If the intent is to offer POP services, departments may request a courtesy POP meeting with a prospective POP client and faculty hire during campus recruitment visits. POP services will not be initiated without an approved POP request.  The client will be informed that the meeting is only informational and POP services have not been initiated.


Tools & Handouts

  • The POP program only funds a portion of base salary, base benefits (8515) and GAEL (no tuition, OP tax, background check fees, start-up, off-scale or clinical compensation)
  • A bridging position for a POP client cannot begin prior to the appointment date of the main effort (POP client's partner/spouse)
  • POP Screening Process for Ladder Rank and LSOE Series Appointments

         Screening Materials Required for CAP/CPB Review

  • Letter from Department Chair to Dean requesting appointment of POP client to tenure track faculty position through the POP Program
  • Copy of department academic plan 
  • Candidate CV and publications 
  • Letter from Dean to Vice Provost-Academic Affairs requesting approval of search waiver to appoint POP client (including faculty support, vote of dept, address diversity and academic plan)

Screening Process Reminders

  • Screening materials for LSOE series appointments should also include teaching evaluations
  • Outcome of a formal department vote for the POP client should be detailed in the Chair’s letter to the Dean (including number of faculty who voted, how they voted and explanations for any negative votes)
    • Approved POP request
    • All CAP/CPB screening materials
    • Approval letter from the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs to the Dean
    • If the nomination is approved by the Vice Provost, a search waiver request must be submitted in Recruit with the following uploaded as documentation in PDF format: 
  • POP Staff Appointment Process for Bridging Positions

  • POP Process Flowcharts

         Academic Senate Flowchart

         Non-Senate Academic Flowchart

         Staff Flowchart

  • POP MOU Templates

         Senate MOU

         Non-Senate or Staff in Academic Units

         Career Staff in non-Academic Units

         Contract Staff in non-Academic Units


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a staff member assisting the department chair and/or dean with a POP request. I need some guidance! What should I do?

  • The Assistant Deans in each college/school are good resources.  Information is also available on the POP program page of the Academic Affairs website, and the POP Coordinator can also answer any specific questions you may have.

  • How do I submit a POP Request?

  • POP requests are submitted electronically through Forms Online. Thorough completion of the form is critical to minimize processing delays and to ensure appropriate actions on behalf of the POP client are taken.  When completing the POP request, please be sure to indicate or include the following: Correct proposed series for the main effort; Recruitment or Retention; If a Capital Resource Network (CRN) request has also been submitted; The immigration status of the main effort and POP candidate (including relevant international visa information); Availability of funding for a bridging position; The type(s) of position(s) the POP candidate is seeking; A current CV/resume of the POP candidate

  • We have agreed to accept a POP hire as a __Assistant III (title covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement). Are there special considerations related to represented titles?

  • Placement of POP clients in staff positions represented by Collective Bargaining Agreements require additional consultation with Human Resources. Review of the placement request will include examination of the Bargaining Agreement related to the specific proposed title, to determine if placement in a specific bridge contract position is permissible.  Contact the POP Coordinator for more information.

  • Do we need to submit a search waiver for POP candidates that are proposed for appointment to Academic Federation titles?

  • Yes, a search waiver must be submitted in Recruit for all academic POP appointments. For non-Senate academic POP appointments, select Spousal/Partner Hire as the category and include a PDF copy of the approved POP request under documentation. For Senate academic POP appointments (including LSOE series), select Spousal/Partner Hire as the category and include PDF copies of the approved POP request, all CAP/CPB screening materials and approval letter from Vice Provost-Academic Affairs to the Dean under documentation. For partners of Cooperative Extension Specialists who will be appointed in academic titles, select Other as the category and add the following language in the text box:  Partner Opportunities Program waiver. Please see attached documentation. For non-Senate appointments, include PDF copies of approved POP request under documentation. For Senate appointments include PDF copies of the approved POP request, all CAP/CPB screening materials and approval letter from Vice Provost-Academic Affairs to Dean under documentation.

Contact Information

For additional information about the POP program, please contact:
Stephanie Nelson
Partner Opportunities Program Coordinator
Office of the Vice Provost - Academic Affairs
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8501
Phone: (530) 752-7071