Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP): Timeline

Negotiated Salary Trial Program


The deadline for submitting 2023-24 NSTP requests is Friday, May 3, 2024. No extensions of time to apply will be granted. Please be sure to review the UC Davis NSTP Phase 2 Implementation Plan before submitting your requests. All requests must be completed correctly and signed electronically. No hard copies will be accepted. 

Step 1 - Review NSTP Program

Review the UC Davis NSTP Phase 2 Implementation Plan. Ensure that your college is participating in this program. Membership in the program is predicated on a college’s/school’s/department’s willingness to participate in an annual assessment that will require collection and reporting of detailed data. At this time, most schools and colleges are eligible to join. 

Please note that negotiations are for one fiscal year, effective July 1 and ending on June 30. Retroactive participation is not permitted.

Step 2 - Declare Intent to Participate in NSTP

Interested and eligible faculty will first download the NSTP Packet pertaining to their appointment type, and complete NSTP Form A - Faculty Compensation Request form within their NSTP packet. Once completed, the faculty requester will submit the NSTP packet to the Chief Administrative Officer or Fund Manager responsible for their accounts via email. Be sure to CC the Department Chair. Faculty Requesters can find a complete packet of NSTP Forms here

Faculty Requesters need to complete and submit Form A by March 15, 2024 to the Fund Manager

Step 3 - Fund Manager Certification

The Chief Administrative Officer or Fund Manager will complete the NSTP Form B - Fund Manager / Department Manager Certification within the NSTP packet. Once complete, the Chief Administrative Officer or Fund Manager must review the funding allocations with the Faculty Requester. Upon signature from the Faculty Requester, the Chief Administrative Office or Fund Manager will submit the NSTP packet with both NSTP Form A and B completed to the Department Chair via email. If the Department does not have a chair, submit the NSTP packet to the Associate Dean via email. Include Faculty Requestor in the email. 

Please submit the NSTP packet with both NSTP Form A and NSTP Form B completed by April 5, 2024 to the Department Chair. Please take time to review these forms thoroughly as there are historically many errors present on Form B. Make sure to verify that the Request Summary on Page 5 of the NSTP packet matches the appointment type of the faculty requester. The faculty requester must have signed Form B as well.

Step 4 - Department Chair Certification

Department Chair (or Associate Dean if no Department Chair) will review NSTP Forms A and NSTP B for any errors, and complete the NSTP Form C - Department Chair Certification within the NSTP packet. Once complete, the Department Chair will submit the NSTP packet with all three forms (NSTP Form A, NSTP Form B, and NSTP Form C) completed to the Dean via email. Include Faculty Requestor in the email. 

Please submit the NSTP Packet with Form A, B, and C completed by April 12, 2024 to Dean. 

Step 5 - Review NSTP Program

Upon review and approval of the previous three forms, the Dean will initiate a Compliance Check for the Faculty Requestor. Upon a valid and complete Compliance Check from Academic Affairs, the Dean will complete and sign NSTP Form D - Dean's Certification within the NSTP packet. Once reviewed and signed, the Dean will submit the entire NSTP Packet with all four forms (NSTP Form A, NSTP Form B, NSTP Form C, and NSTP Form D) complete to Vice Provost Phil Kass,, and Project Policy Analyst Marci Woods,

Submit completed NSTP Packet with Forms A, B, C, and D by May 3, 2024 to VP Kass.