Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP): FAQS

Negotiated Salary Trial Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I reach if I have questions?
  • Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to our team at
  • What are the form deadlines?
  • Each form has a unique deadline. While the full NSTP Proposal Packet is due by May 3, 2024 to the Vice Provost, we highly recommend completing the forms according to the timeline outlined on the NSTP Overview page. For detailed information about who completes which form, and by when, visit the NSTP Timeline page. 
  • What are some tips on completing Form B?
  • We've found many errors to Form B during past NSTP cycles. Fund managers, please double-check Form B and ensure that:
    *Summer month's salary are accurate
    *Estimated Composite Benefits Rate and Total Amount Needed for Participation amounts are accurate

    *Under the funding chart, the "amount to be used for NSTP" needs to be the amount reserved for NSTP, not the total amount remaining within the account. 
    *Fund manager has certified all the information on the bottom of Page 3, Lines 1 through 5, and has signed the form. If unable to verify all the information, the fund manager should complete line 5 and provide an explanation. 

    Please note that Academic Affairs will not be verifying the funding information as that remains the responsibility of the department fund manager.
  • What are some tips on completing Form C?
  • The largest error to Form C during past NSTP cycles is that the line stating "The Requester received a formal retention offer was not complete.
  • Who do I submit Form C to if I don't have a Department Chair?
  • Please have your associate Dean complete Form C and have them send Forms A, B, and C to the Dean. 
  • Who receives complete applications?
  • Upon review, please submit the completed NSTP packet(NSTP Form A, NSTP Form B, NSTP Form C, and NSTP Form D) to Vice Provost Phil Kass,, and Project Policy Analyst Marci Woods,
  • Which rate code should I use for the negotiated salary component in UC Path?
  • The rate code "UCGCY" should be used for the negotiated component. UCGCY is the FIRM version of the negotiated component.
  • Will the NSTP pay component end automatically?
  • No, the NSTP pay component does not end automatically. Please submit tickets to your service channel to end the UCGCY component if someone is no longer in the NSTP program.
  • How will I know if my participation in NSTP was endorsed?
  • Upon final review of the NSTP packet, the EVC/Provost or designee will make a final endorsement of participation. If endorsed, a completed packet with "Form E: Final Approvals" signed by the EVC/Provost or designee will be shared with your Dean's Office.