National Science Foundation Creativity Award - Special Creativity Extension

UC Davis Honorees


Alan Balch

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Alan Balch examines complex molecules that contain metal atoms whose applications can span batteries and microelectronics to contrast agents for medical imaging and beyond.




Susan Kauzlarich

Professor of Chemistry Susan Kauzlarich has made novel contributions to the synthesis and characterization of inorganic solid state and nanomaterials for emerging technologies. 





Zuhar Munir

Zuhar Munir, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, conducted research emphasizing the fundamental aspects of synthesis and processing of materials by combustion methods. 




Michael Neff

Michael Neff, Associate Professor of Computer Science and co-director of the Cinema and Technocultural Studies Program, studies computation and human movement interchangeably, in areas such as character animation, gesture and other communication, to understand how each is related to and influences the other.