How the CRN Works

Capital Resource Network

The Capital Resource Network is the centerpiece program of a consortium of executive employers in the capital region of California who have committed to the recruitment, retention and integration success of newly relocated professionals. The CRN staff specializes in welcoming newly recruited employees and their family members through a holistic set of professional services. Our CRN team serves as a confidential point of contact for clients who have general or specific questions, a reference for timely resources, and serves as a connector to business, community and employment networks in the Capital Region.

Employer-members pay a fee to participate in the CRN referral program and services. Once an employer-member refers a new-hire or candidate to the CRN, our staff reaches out to the client/candidate to coordinate an initial consult. The initial consult is confidential and is designed to offer a safe platform for clients/candidates to have an open dialogue discussion. Clients have an opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary. Conversely, the CRN staff will ask questions of the candidate so that the team can accurately assess and create a customized map of services needed for the new-hire.

The Capital Resource Network creates a win-win scenario for employers and their new employees by removing the external obstacles and stressors candidates face early on in their decision-making process. By design, this process allows for the candidate to garner additional clarity to a more thoughtful transition for the candidate and the entire family.

Through frequent notice, it is common that newly hired employees share their lives with equally talented spouses and partners. As a result, this creates an additional pipeline of identifiable talent arriving to the region; this is ideal for local companies who do not have the budget resources to recruit outside the capital region. Since the employer of the main hire pays fees associated with relocation/recruitment, this provides a strong incentive for local employers to piggy-back and hire the newly arrived spouse or partner—courtesy of the Capital Resource Network!