Guidelines for Processing Actions for the Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator Series

I. Synopsis of Differences Between the two Series:

Academic Administrators (APM 370)

Academic Coordinators (APM 375)

This series is used principally in organized activities, other than organized research units, for programs that provide service closely related to the teaching and research mission. Duties are largely administrative, but allows for participation in teaching and research.

Oversees programs involving teaching, research and/or outreach; individuals who are required to perform research or course instruction must hold a dual appointment for those functions.

Must have professional and academic qualifications similar to those of other Academic Affairs in the organized activity to be administered.

Must have academic credentials and/or professional experience appropriate to the position.

Should have terminal or highest degree in that particular field (e.g. Ph.D., M.P.H. etc.).

Normally, a masters degree or equivalent is a minimum requirement.

If appointee holds split appointment, Academic Administrator position will be according to scale rate; no stipend amount.

Academic Coordinator may receive stipend amount under conditions outlined in APM 375-18(c).

Eligible for merit increase on a biennial basis.

Eligible for merit increase every second year for level I and II; every third year for level III.

A performance review, in the absence of a merit or promotion, at least every four years.

A performance review every two years for levels I and II, and every three years for level III.

11-month title.

9-month or 11-month title.

Accrues sick leave at the rate of one day per month for full time employment.

Sick leave accrues at the rate of one day per month of full time employment for fiscal-year employees.

Vacation leave accrues at the rate of two days per month for full time employment, with a maximum accrual balance of 48 days.

9-month appointments are not eligible to earn vacation.

For 11-month titles, vacation is accrued at the rate of two days per month for full time employment, with a maximum balance of 48 days.

II. Review and Approval Authority

For approval authority on Academic Administrator and Coordinator actions go to Delegation of Authority.

III. Required Documentation

A. Establish Position

These positions are used principally in organized activities for appointees who administer programs which provide service to academic departments and are public service oriented. All positions must be reviewed by the Administrative Series Personnel Committee and approved by the Chancellor prior to the initiation of any search process. Documents required:

  1. Detailed request from Chair requesting that a position be established. Include at what rank the position should be established as well as a target date for appointment;

  2. Endorsement from the Dean; and

  3. A job description detailing duties and responsibilities of the position including all reporting relationships and overall program description.

  4. Minimum credentials for the position, if not included in the position description.

  5. Organization chart.

  6. Peer and Voting Group plan.

B. Appointments, Merits and Promotions

The documentation required for an appointment, merit or promotion action is detailed in the UCD 220AF. See the most recent Call for checklists and other details.