CRN Services

  • Pre-hire Consult Tier 1

  • Provides an introduction to the Capital Region and orientation to the CRN services:
    -  Held via Skype, by phone, or in person at the CRN offices.
    -  Generally a one-hour time commitment. 
  • Pre-hire Consult Tier 2

  • A non-standard option providing a more personalized introduction about the Capital Region and the CRN:
    - Generally a two-hour conversation over a meal (included)
    - This services works very well in situations where the main hire is engaged in a full-day interview process and the spouse/partner is given the pre-hire consult.
    - Provides that extra touch to the standard service and recognizes that the spouse/partner is also an important part of the recruitment process.
  • Pre-hire Consult Tier 3

  • A non-standard option providing the candidate with an in-depth, personalized introduction into the Capital Region:
    - A conversation over a meal (included) with the CRN team to answer critical questions based on the client's needs and interests.
    - Follow-up research and information if specific resources are required.
    - Tour neighborhoods of interest with a vetted real estate agent .
    - Generally a half-day commitment.
  • Full Referral 

  • 6 months or 20 hours, or for a dual CRN/POP client, 20 hours over one year
    Services include: 
    - The initial consult to identify transition concerns and priorities
    - Dual career support 
    - Integration services
  • Continuing Referral 

  • The client has already received a pre-hire service and is now being referred to receive full CRN services.
  • Full Referral Premium

  • Includes welcome basket. 
  • Retention

  • Dual career services only.
  • Recruitment VIP

  • 20 hours of service of support during the recruitment phase.
    - Separate from the Full Referral, this is best used to assist the top candidate(s) and family during their campus/area visit prior to accepting an offer.
    - Customized service time (researching specific questions and needs, elementary school tours, professional introductions, etc.)
    - Includes a meal at a local restaurant.
  • Add-on hours

  • - 10 hours of service towards integration or dual career support for 3 months.