CRN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Capital Resource Network (CRN)? 
  • The CRN specializes in quickly welcoming the newly relocated professional and family to the region.  The CRN serves as a point of contact for questions, a resource for needed activities and services, and a connector to area business and community networks.
  • Why does an employer benefit from using the CRN?
  • Providing a friendly and knowledgeable point of contact from the get-go is critical to a smooth transition for new employees. The CRN services are designed to reduce relocation stress, helping new employees be more productive on the job as soon as possible.
  • How can this resource be beneficial to the new hire and their family?
  • The CRN can help in a variety of ways that are individually tailored.  The services are confidential so the client has a comfortable space to discuss the help they truly need. The CRN is ideal for seeking information to common questions and needs ranging from realtors to swim lessons. The CRN can also serve as the new hire’s local advocate prior to arriving.
  • How quickly can a new hire get started with the CRN?
  • A potential new hire can be referred while they are still a candidate.  Once the candidate or new employee is referred to the CRN via their employer, the CRN will set-up an intake interview to learn about their needs and interests.  The CRN will then begin working with the new hire and family for up to 20 hours over a six-month period.
  • How does the Dual Career Support work? 
  • The CRN works with spouses and partners of newly-hired professionals on multiple strategies towards their employment search.  Strategies include resume review, interview tools, coordination of informational networking meetings.  Employment is not guaranteed and is highly dependent on the participation and engagement of the client.
  • What is an informational networking meeting?
  • The 30-minute informational meeting does not guarantee employment; it does offer access to advice regarding the local landscape for particular work, possible referrals to colleagues, invaluable professional networking.
  • What about international hires?
  • The CRN serves as a safety zone for questions and answers regarding acclimating to U.S. culture, customs and traditions. It also supports the housing search and can serve as a local resource prior to the employee’s arrival.
  • Does the CRN provide all of the services itself?
  • No, the CRN coordinators will provide aspects of the services; however, the goal is to utilize existing local resources for as many of those services as possible.  The CRN desires to be the convener and the connector in many cases and the monitor of service satisfaction, but it does not plan to replicate existing services when avoidable.
  • Can I hire the CRN without my employer? 
  • No, the CRN can only work with the candidate or new hire through a referral by the employer.