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The new system-wide Guidelines: Search Waivers for Academic Appointees have been approved by the Office of the President. As expected, the final guidelines are very similar to what we implemented as campus practice in draft form on July 1, 2016 with a few clarifications and definitions. As explained in the annual call, UC Davis adopted these guidelines with the following two exceptions, which we will keep as UC Davis guidelines:

(1) The duration of appointment for Junior Specialists hired under the search waiver criteria for emergency hires is limited to 2 months.
(2) The Non-Senate Faculty and Other Academics search waiver criteria for Spousal/Partner Hire is also available if the successful recruitment and retention of Specialists in Cooperative Extension is ultimately dependent on an academic appointment for his or her spouse/partner.

Additionally, a few clarifications and changes were made to the following Search Waiver and Exemptions:

  1. Search Waiver category: “PI/Co-PI/Leadership Status” added clarification regarding the Adjunct Professor series
  2. Exemption category: “Concurrent WOS Appointment” changed to “Concurrent Academic Appointment”
  3. Exemption category: “True Visitor” changed to “Salaried Visiting Appointments”

All search waiver and exemption requests are supported by UC Recruit. Please remember we also provide a delegation of authority chart to help outline the new criteria (see As a reminder, per the delegation of authority, use of the “Other” category must be approved by Academic Affairs prior to submitting an “Other” Search Waiver or Exemption request.

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