Forms and Checklists


Action Forms

Appointment To Form  PDF
Biography Form  PDF
Candidate's Certification of Reviewer's Comments (Attachment #6)  PDF
Candidate's Disclosure Certificate  PDF
First/Second Year Deferral for Merit/Promotion  PDF
Recommended Action Form  PDF
Redelegated Merit Increase Recommendation  PDF
Teaching, Advising, and Curricular Development  PDF

Academic Leave Forms

Sabbatical Leave(Purchase through Campus Storehouse, UPAY573-1, Calcode 71443-171)
Request for Teaching Release for Ladder Rank Faculty (Work-Life Leave)  PDF

Miscellaneous Forms

Partner Opportunites Program (POP): Department Request PDF
Partner Opportunities Program (POP): College/Division/School Request PDF
UCD 025 Appendix B: Request form for Pre-Approval of Outside Professional Activities  PDF
UCD 025 Appendix C: Report on Category I and II Compensated Outside Professional Activities   PDF

Recruitment Forms

Waiver of Search Form  PDF
Interim Recruitment Report on Applicant Pools  PDF
Final Recruitment Report for Academic Appointments  PDF

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Academic Senate Checklists

Checklist for Appointment  PDF
Checklist for Appointment - Lecturer w/ PSOE, SOE, Sr. Lecturer w SOE  PDF 

Checklist for Appraisal  PDF
Career Equity Review Checklist  PDF
Chair's Sequential Checklist for Personnel Actions  PDF
Checklist for Deferral  PDF
Checklist for Five-Year Review  PDF
Checklist for Merit Increase  PDF
Checklist for Promotion  PDF
Checklist for Recalls  PDF  

Academic Federation Checklists by Title

Academic Administrator/Academic Coordinator:

Appointment  PDF 
Merit and Promotion  PDF
Sample Position Description - Academic Administrator  PDF
Sample Position Description - Academic Coordinator  PDF

Assistant/Associate Librarian/Librarian:

Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF 

Agronomist (__ in the Agricultural Experiment Station):

Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF

Continuing Educator (UNEX only):

Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF

Professional Researcher:

Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF 
Sample Position Description  PDF

Project Scientist:

Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF
Sample Position Description  PDF


Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF
Sample Position Description  PDF

Specialist in Cooperative Extension:

Appointment  PDF
Merit and Promotion  PDF 
Sample Position Description  PDF

Supervisor of Physical Education Merit and Promotion  PDF

Endowed Chair/Professor Checklists

Establishing and Naming an Endowed Chair  PDF
Recruitment and Selection to Fill an Endowed Chair  PDF
Reappointment of an Endowed Chair  PDF

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Unit 18 Forms and Checklists

Chair's Sequential Checklist for Pre-Six Appointments  PDF
Checklist for Excellence Review for Initial Continuing Appointment  PDF
Checklist for Initial Appointments  PDF
Checklist for Merits for Continuing Appointments  PDF
Checklist for Pre-Six Reappointments  PDF
Disclosure Statement  PDF
Recommended Action Form for Initial Continuing Appointment  PDF

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