UC Davis and Family Friendly Recruitment Practices

Family Friendly Recruitment
Family Friendly Recruitment Practice Update

Reimbursements under this recruitment practice are considered taxable income for prospective faculty that use this benefit. A 1099 tax form will be issued (and reported to the IRS) reflecting the full amount of the reimbursement.

In 2012, UC Davis implemented a family-friendly recruitment practice to make it easier for recruited candidates who are parents of very young children to participate in on-campus interviews for faculty positions. This practice allows the reimbursement of travel and hotel expenses for a second person to accompany the prospective faculty mother (or single parent of either gender) of a breast- or bottle-feeding child under the age of two. Reimbursable hotel expenses may also include the costs associated with providing a crib in the hotel room (up to $200). Contact the recruiting Dean's office for details.