Implementation Documents

The following documents make up the toolkit to support the University’s implementation of the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule and changes to overtime eligibility and pay schedules for many University staff and academic personnel.

  • Powerpoint FLSA Pay Transition (PPT): This presentation can be used as an overview and for training on the changes.
  • Academic Personnel Office Implementation Guidelines (DOC): This document addresses management of reclassification of academic personnel to non-exempt status.
  • Academic Flowchart (PDF): This flowchart can be used to help determine whether an academic employee should be converted/hired as exempt or non-exempt.
  • Sample Appointment Letters to Affected Academic Personnel re Overtime-Eligible Status (DOC): This template letter is to be used by departments and/or dean’s office for communicating the change in status from exempt to non-exempt to affected employees. An estimated list of affected employees will be sent out from Academic Affairs to each dean’s office.  
  • Supervisor-Manager Fact Sheet (DOC): This fact sheet is to be given to supervisors/managers who have employees converting from exempt to non-exempt. Please note there are fields that should be completed by the department within the document.
  • FAQs re Nonexempt Biweekly Pay Transition (DOC): The FAQs should be shared with the employee with their new appointment letter, with copy to the supervisor if the supervisor is not the signature of the letter.
  • Biweekly Transition Assistance Vacation Cash-out Application 2016 (PDF): To minimize possible financial hardship resulting from this transition, Executive Vice Chancellors/Provosts throughout the system endorsed a 2016 Transition Assistance Vacation Cash Out Program to allow a cash out of up to 80 hours of accrued vacation for those academic personnel who experience financial hardship as a result of their transition from a monthly pay schedule to a biweekly pay scheduled on November 20, 2016.
  • Payroll Example (PDF): Systemwide Payroll has provided the following screenshots of the conversion from Exempt Assistant Specialist to Non-Exempt Assistant Specialist and Exempt Specialist to Non-Exempt Specialist.