Mission Statement


As its core mission, the Office of Academic Affairs provides services and leadership to sustain a vibrant, inclusive and internationally recognized academic community that is committed to creating new knowledge and extending that knowledge to future generations for the enrichment of our global community.

Statement of Purpose

Accordingly, the OVP--AA provides leadership to develop and deliver programs and services, and acts as a resource in the following areas:

  • Recruitment, appointment, advancement, retention and compensation of academic Senate members and Academic Federation members in accordance with University policy and procedures.

  • Policy development, review, and implementation.

  • Management training and advice for department chairs, deans and their associated academic appointees. This includes best-practice approaches to managing personnel, budget, space, and stewardship of resources. It also includes training on Academic Affairs administration for academics and staff.

  • Family friendly policy issues affecting academic appointees, such as maternity/childbearing leave, career reviews, part-time status, stop-the-clock policies, and the Partner Opportunities Program.

  • Alleged violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct, UC policies regarding equal employment opportunity, discrimination, and grievances filed under APM 140.


  • to promote the growth of a diverse and excellent faculty at UC Davis through the development and administration of programs, policies, and procedures related to Academic Affairs;

  • to coordinate the development of clear and unambiguous Academic Affairs policies and procedures which promote the highest standards of excellence;

  • to ensure that the appropriate academic officials are adequately informed about policies affecting academic appointees;

  • to interpret personnel policies consistently and logically;

  • to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with colleagues;

  • to facilitate the thorough investigation of complaints within the procedural and time guidelines proscribed by UC, state and federal policy.

Strategic Focus

We will focus on four areas to achieve the goals described above. Those include the following.

Service: survey colleagues periodically, evaluate and integrate their needs into our practices, develop continuing relationships based on mutual respect and the Principles of Community.

Training: develop and deliver appropriate training based on a best practice philosophy. Develop web-based informational resources as well as in-person workshops for deans, department chairs, Academic Affairs staff and faculty.

Business Practices: develop clear, unambiguous, consistent policies and efficient, user-friendly processes to implement them. Review and amend existing policies and the practices to implement them on a continuing basis.

IT Capacity: develop IT capacity to reduce redundancy in Academic Affairs administrative processes (recruitment, hire, change in status, advancement, retention, separation). Develop capacity to efficiently gather and evaluate data necessary to make sound decisions and produce reports for internal and external uses.