American Law Institute

King Hall

UC Davis Honorees

There are proportionally more members of the American Law Institute at King Hall, the School of Law at UC Davis, than at any law school in the United States. Each member was elected for outstanding contributions to legal scholarship, teaching and service to the profession. More>>

Ashutosh Bhagwat
Alan Brownstein
Angela Harris
Carol S. Bruch
Gabriel J. Chin
Joel C. Dobris
William S. Dodge
Floyd F. Feeney
Daniel W. Fessler
Angela P. Harris
Robert W. Hillman
Kevin R. Johnson
Thomas Joo
John B. Oakley
Rex R. Perschbacher
Edward H. Rabin
Leticia Saucedo
Daniel L. Simmons
Bruce A. Wolk
Richard C. Wydick