Chancellor's Fellows Recipients

2016 Fellows

Daniela Barile Food Science & Technology
Amber Boydstun Political Science
James Bremer Mathematics
Nann Fangue Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
Bo Feng Communication
Aldrin Gomes Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Yuming He East Asian Languages & Cultures
David Horton School of Law
Tina Jeoh Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Alissa Kendall Civil & Environmental Engineering
Emily Solari School of Education

2015 Fellows

Carolyn Slupsky Nutrition
Neal Williams Department of Entomology and Nematology
Qi Zhang Environmental Toxicology
Karen Zito Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Arne Eckstrom Psychology
Robert Faris Sociology
Carlos Jackson Chicano/a Studies
Noha Radwan Comparative Literature
Ethan Anderes Statistics
Lousie Berben Chemistry
Tobin White Education

2014 Fellows

Heidi Ballard Education
Marusa Bradac Physics
Graham Coop Evolution and Ecology
Amanda Guyer Human Ecology
Tessa Hill Earth and Planetary Sciences
Richard Kim Asian American Studies
Teresa Steele Anthropology
William Ristenpart Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Archana Venkatasan Comparative Literature and Religious Studies
Huaijun Zhou Animal Science

2013 Fellows

Christopher Cappa Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ricardo Castro Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Gitta Coaker Plant Pathology
Cody Gilmore Philosophy
Benjamin Houlton Land, Air and Water Resources
Michal Kurlaender Education
Beth Levy Music
Andrew Marshall Anthropology
Elizabeth Miller English
Gail Patricelli Evolution and Ecology

2012 Fellows

Toby Allen Chemistry
Mary Cadenasso Plant Sciences
Catherine Chin Religious Studies
Christina Cogdell Design
Nicholas Curro Physics
Nael El-Farra Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Peter Lee School of Law

2011 Fellows

Simona Ghetti Psychology
Stacey Harmer Plant Biology
Yiyun Li English
Xin Liu Computer Science
Alexander Revzin Biomedical Engineering
Kurt Rohde Music
Qing-Zhu Yin Geology

2010 Fellows

Magali Billen Geology
Artyom Kopp Evolution & Ecology
Colin Milburn English
Johan Six Plant Sciences
Zhendong Su Computer Science
Qing Zhao Electrical & Computer Engineering

2009 Fellows

Xi Chen Chemistry
Neil Hunter Microbiology
Elisabeth Krimmer German and Russian
Charan Ranganath Psychology

2008 Fellows

Chen-Nee Chuah Electrical & Computer Engineering
Carolyn de la Pena American Studies
Christopher Knittel Economics
Sergey Savrasov Physics
Henning Stahlberg Molecular & Cellular Biology

2007 Fellows

Nicole Baumgarth Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology
Milmon Harrison African-American and African Studies
Robert Irwin Spanish and Classics
Kai Liu Physics
Kimberley McAllister Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Richard McElreath Anthropology

2006 Fellows

Tonya Kuhl Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Lori Lubin Physics
Simon Sadler Design
Anne Schilling Mathematics
John Stachowicz Evolution and Ecology
Rosie Woodroffe Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology

2005 Fellows

Nina Amenta Computer Science
David Begun Evolution and Ecology
Andrew Hargadon Technology Management, Graduate School of Management
Edmund Powers Molecular and Cell Biology
James Rustad Geology

2004 Fellows

Elizabeth Freeman English
Lloyd Knox Physics
Prasad Naik Graduate School of Management
Sergey Nuzhdin Evolution and Ecology
Li Zhang Anthropology

2003 Fellows

John Bowman Plant Biology
Della Davidson Theatre and Dance
Jesus De Loera Mathematics
Marjorie Longo Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Eric Rauchway History
Mark Schwartz Environmental Science and Policy
Dawn Sumner Geology

2002 Fellows

Fred Chong Computer Science
Alan Conley Population Health and Reproduction
Richard Robins Psychology
Catherine Robson English
Sharon Strauss Evolution and Ecology

2001 Fellows

Holly Doremus School of Law
Albert Fannjiang Mathematics
Jodi Nunnari Molecular and Cell Biology
Alan M. Taylor Economics
Jeffrey Thomas Music

2000 Fellows

Kimberly Elsbach Graduate School of Management
Deborah Harkness History
Wolf-Dietrich Heyer Microbiology
Alexander Mogilner Mathematics
Debbie Niemeier Civil and Environmental Engineering
Annabeth Rosen Art and Art History
Scott Rozelle Agricultural and Resource Economics
Michael Sanderson Evolution and Ecology
Andrew Waterhouse Viticulture and Enology
Andrew Yonelinas Psychology