A Regional Resource

Research has shown that the cost of losing just one Ph.D. or professional within the first two years of employment can range between a staggering $250K–$1 million. That’s an expensive loss and it can be avoided.

The biggest reason cited for losing this same professional is largely due to the spouse/partner not having been adequately accommodated in terms of pursuing their own job search or being supported during their own career development process. Another reason looming closely behind is the inability for families to acclimate and transition into their newly relocated area—let’s face it, sometimes a new community can seem like, and truly be, a foreign community. This type of professional and personal isolation for relocating professionals can be devastating, often leading to early resignations as an attempt to bring some normalcy back into the family life.  One unique aspect to the Capital Resource Network (CRN) is the creation of high-level informational networking meetings so spouses and partners can get plugged into the professional community and neighborhood. The valuable process of building a regional professional network increases job prospects, friendships, and meaningful ties to the area.

As the CRN helps to bridge professional and personal connections for our dual career clients, employers are simultaneously recruiting high caliber candidates of their own, further ensuring a higher retention rate and “keeping the talent happy” inside the Capital Region. As the region becomes more attractive for incoming businesses and the top-notch talent they will employ, the regional economy booms and boosts the area’s ability to become a highly sought-after employment and living destination.

The exclusivity of the Capital Resource Network is its regional networking ability. The CRN has been very fortunate as our regional employers are supportive and will often ‘call-in’ for potential candidates when there is an open position. Working together for a common experience and positive results is what enhances the Capital Region as a destination of choice for a growing economy.