Frequently Asked Questions

Does a faculty member still accrue sabbatical credits during a quarter during which s/he is on Active Service Modified Duty (ASMD)?

Yes. Because Active Service Modified Duty is not a leave, the faculty member will still accrue sabbatical credits. ASMD involves reduced academic duties, but not the absence of academic duties. In contrast, when faculty members are on leave, they are not performing their normal academic duties; and, they do not receive sabbatical credit for the quarters of the leave.

If a faculty woman gives birth during the summer, may she take a quarter of full leave in the fall, immediately following that summer? Similarly, if she gives birth at the end of the Fall quarter, may she take the quarter of full leave immediately following, in the Winter quarter?

Yes - in both cases. And, following the leave, she may take an additional quarter of ASMD within 12 months of the birth.

I am a male faculty member and my wife is pregnant. I plan to request paternity leave; what options do I have?

A male faculty member requesting paternity leave is entitled to request Family Medical Leave (FMLA); however, the campus does not provide central funding to cover replacement teaching costs for FMLA, and paid leave is not guaranteed. He is also eligible for a quarter of ASMD within 12 months following the birth of his child if he has 50% or more care of the new child. During the quarter of ASMD, funding for replacement instruction of one course is generally covered by central campus funding. A Request for Teaching Release form should be used to request ASMD and teaching coverage, accompanied by a memo or email from the faculty member confirming that he has, or will have, 50% or more care of the new child. More information can be obtained by reading Academic Personnel Manual Policy 760.

I am an academic year female faculty member who is pregnant and expecting to deliver my baby at the end of the Spring quarter. May I take my maternity leave during the following Fall quarter? May I get summer salary during the summer?

A female faculty member giving birth may take either the quarter of the birth off (in this case, Spring quarter), or the following quarter (Fall quarter in this scenario). Another option, per APM 760, is to take six weeks of leave and then ASMD for the remainder of the quarter. In either situation, replacement teaching costs would be centrally covered for the quarter. Additionally, she would be eligible for a subsequent quarter of ASMD, within 12 months of the birth. Summer salary is only provided to those academic year faculty who are carrying out their academic responsibilities. In this situation, if the faculy member has just given birth, she would likely not be working, and if that is the case, summer salary would not be appropriate.

When is the appropriate time for a faculty member to apply for a quarter of Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD)?

We suggest that a faculty member notify his or her department of intent to request ASMD as soon as possible to allow the department adequate time to arrange teaching replacement for the ASMD quarter.

If a faculty member is approved for Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD), will his or her department be reimbursed for the cost of teaching replacement?

Yes, the department is provided with the funds required to pay the replacement instructor.

If a faculty member is approved for Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD) and is scheduled to teach more than one course during the quarter during which he or she will be released from teaching, does the faculty member get to choose the course from which he or she will be released?

We suggest that a faculty member discuss course release with his or her department and try to come to an agreement. For example, it may be easier for the department to find a replacement instructor for one course versus another.

Both I and my wife are faculty members and expecting a baby. What options do we have?

The female faculty member is eligible for a quarter of paid leave, or six weeks of leave and the remainder of that quarter as ASMD; all courses for that quarter will be covered through central funding in either option. She is then eligible for an additional quarter of ASMD with one course for which replacement teaching costs being covered by central funding. The male faculty member is eligible for a quarter of FMLA, not guaranteed paid leave, nor central funding for any replacement teaching. The faculty man is also eligible for a quarter of ASMD, with his certification that he has 50% or more care of the child and one course will be covered with replacement teaching.

May a faculty member use accrued sick leave towards paternity leave?

Faculty members do not accrue sick leave.

Are pre-tenure faculty also able to apply for deferral (postponement) of normal personnel review (merit or promotion) to accommodate childbearing, adoption or placement?

Yes. Pre-tenure faculty can both extend the tenure clock and defer a merit. Note that the clock extension cannot be more than two additional years (one year per birth/adoption event*). Merit deferrals do not affect clock extensions and because they are requested due to childbearing/rearing issues, there should be no prejudice associated with them (e.e., an offscale salary would not be affected). These requests should be accompanied by a written note from the faculty member that describes s/he has had 50% or more care of the new child. These requests do not require that the faculty member has taken leave or ASMD.

*An "event" is defined as a birth, of one or more (i.e., twins or more) children at a time, or the adoption of one or more children within a small period of time.

May a faculty member defer a merit for a year without penalty, in terms of salary, due to having or adopting a child?

Yes. A faculty member who has extended the clock or deferred a merit due to childbirth/adoption will not be affected negatively with regard to offscales.

I am a faculty member who was recently awarded tenure. I recently had two children -- within the last three years. I did not request to stop the tenure clock for either birth. May I be eligible, in the future, to postpone a merit or promotion?

In our campus' Work Life Program and in the systemwide policy, APM 760, faculty may request a deferral of a merit/promotion due to childbearing/adoption/placement, or to accommodate family needs. These requests should be submitted to the Vice Provost--Academic Affairs for approval via the Department Chair and the Dean within two years of the birth/adoption placement. When approved, for those cases that involve a deferral related to family care issues, the Vice Provost--Academic Affairs office provides sample language which may be used by the Department Chair when writing the department letter describing that the file should be reviewed without prejudice.

My department is recruiting for a ladder-rank position. One of our top candidates is a single parent of an 18-month child and is asking if we will cover costs for another person join the candidate to care for the child while the candidate is going through interview process on campus. Is this an acceptable expense?

Yes.  Since October 2012, UC Davis instituted a family-friendly recruitment practice to cover the costs of a second person to accompany a faculty recruitment candidate who is a mother (or single parent of either gender) of a breast-or bottle-feeding child less than two years of age. Contact your Dean’s office for more information.

The Family Friendly Recruitment practice is great for those departments who have the resources to pay the additional costs involved of this practice. What about those departments who don’t have the resources to do this?

Departments with limited resources should contact their dean’s office to request assistance to cover the additional costs.  (If the dean’s office does not have the funding to cover the additional costs, they may consult with the Office of the Vice Provost – Academic Affairs.)