Upgrade Requests

A request to recruit for a ladder rank faculty member at above the Assistant level requires the approval of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs. When making the request the below form can be used. In addition an overview of how to fill out the form is also included. Exemplars of the various types of requests can also be found below.

  • If the form is not used the various issues on the form still need to be addressed
  • In lieu of submitting a signed form the form can be emailed to Academic Personnl as long as the approval of the Department Chair and Dean is clearly indicated.

January 2013

Building diversity in our faculty is a high priority for UC Davis, and national data consistently indicate that recruitment pools are more diverse at early-career ranks than senior ranks. Accordingly, extra effort is needed to build diversity of the applicant pool when recruiting faculty above the Assistant level. To support an upgrade request, departments should include a list of at least eight women and/or members of under-represented groups who would be attractive recruitment targets for their faculty position. Moreover, each person on that list should be contacted personally, and strongly encouraged to apply, by the department chair, search committee chair or another search committee member. This requirement applies to all upgrade requests except those involving a narrow clinical recruitment where only a few applicants are anticipated. Even in these latter cases, upgrade requests will be viewed more favorably if the search plan identifies at least some women and other under-represented groups as targets for direct recruitment.

Overview (PDF)

Upgrade Request Form (PDF)