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About the Capital Resource Network

The Capital Resource Network (CRN) provides confidential dual career support and family integration services. These services aim to ease the transition for newly relocated hires and their families while providing them with professional, social, and personal support during the first six months upon arrival.

As our dynamic Capital Region continues to grow in economic scope and professional influence, UC Davis will employ several hundred new faculty, many of whom will relocate to our region and be newcomers to our community. Established through an initial investment by UC Davis and a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Capital Resource Network (CRN) is a fee for service program that provides dual career support and family integration resources to new employees relocating to our Capital Region. Since it has become increasingly important to ensure our region is able to recruit exceptional talent leading into the success of our institutions, the services of the CRN are also available to external employers, who have highly competitive recruitments and wish for their new hires to receive a stress free “red carpet” transition into the Capital Region.

The Capital Resource Network extends a personalized welcome to newly recruited employees and receives one-on-one attention and support specific to the relocation needs of their entire family. Recommendations and customized services are outlined based on the initial-consult and the "intake" interview conducted upon referral. The Capital Resource Network helps the client based on their priority over the course of approximately 20 hours of service within a six-month period.