Forms Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can approved documents be cancelled?

Approved Leave/Sabbatical requests can be cancelled by department staff.  Conversely an approved document that has been cancelled can be set back to approved (uncancelled).  The steps:

  • Open the document to be cancelled
  • Scroll to the bottom of the document, click on the [+/-] symbol next to 'Add a comment/Change status of an approved document'
  • After entering a comment click on the link 'Cancel/uncancel approved document'

Can I change an Outside Annual Activity Report that has been accepted?

An outside annual activity report can be reopened and returned to the submitter by Dean's Office staff through the end of November. Staff should look for the below option on the report:
     The annual report may be returned to the faculty person for editing through November.

Can I see what my faculty sees?

Dean's office staff can view what department academics and staff see. See for details.

Can Sabbatical reports be submitted online?

Sabbatical reports can be submitted by faculty for sabbatical leaves that were approved in Forms Online. See for instructions. For leaves approved outside of Forms Online, the report should be routed through email.

How is it determined which departments a faculty person's request is routed through?

The departments a Teaching Release form is routed through is based on Appointment Home Department Numbers in PPS. If an erroneous Home Department Number is listed on an Appointment line in PPS it can be removed for purposes of routing in Forms Online by administration via the Appointment tab in Forms Online. See page 2 of the pdf at for more information.

What can the department staff roles do?

The below grid outlines what the various staff roles can do. Personnel can have more than one role. Any staff person can hold any of these roles, the roles do not designate the holder of a position but instead the permissions a person has. Please note that any changes to roles will update access to on-line forms documents within seconds. This means it's not required to have a back-up in place as one can be readily added. Any updates to roles can be performed by your Dean's office, with Academic Affairs available as a back-up.

  Create Docs Review Docs Diversity Data - Acad
DeptMSO X   X
DeptStaff X    
DeptAdmin X X  
DeptAdminDiversity     X

Who receives the email that a document has been approved?

The approval (or acceptance) email goes to:

  • The document approver
  • All staff with a review role in the department(s) and unit(s) that reviewed the document
  • To the faculty person for teaching release

Who can currently review a document?

Those who can review a document en route at it's current position can be found in the 'Routing History' section at the bottom of the request. Place the mouse cursor over the blue text (current routing position) to see the names of the people holding the role.

Why can't I find a new faculty person?

Usually this is due to the academic not yet having a CampusID (Kerberos) computing account set up. Academics can set up their account at Please note it usually takes two business days from when the account is created before the person will appear in Forms Online.