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Forms On-Line is a web-based system created to accomplish a variety of academic approvals through electronic routing. This system is designed to replace a number of paper forms, providing easy access and tracking of requests for faculty and staff.

Available Forms

The following forms are currently available for initiation by the academic appointee:

  • Requests for all types of Leaves (replaces form UPAY 573) including upload of a sabbatical leave report after return from leave
  • Outside Professional Activities Requests (APM 025 and UCD 025)
  • Outside Professional Activities Annual Reports (APM 025 and UCD 025)
  • Health Sciences Compensation Plan Conflict of Commitment/Conflict of Interest (APM 670 and APM 671)
  • Teaching Release / Extension on the Clock

The following request forms are currently available for department staff initiation:

  • Requests for Capital Resource Network services
  • Route Near Relatives Identification and Approval Form
  • Requests for the Partner Opportunities Program (POP)
  • Requests for Postdoctoral Appointments and Reappointments (Graduate Studies)

User Roles

The User Roles for departments may be updated by the Dean's office analyst or by Academic Affairs staff. Academic appointees are automatically recognized upon login and given access to Forms based on their Home Department affiliation in Payroll. The department staff and Chair roles must be assigned. Automatic emails are generated to those reviewing and approving actions to simplify the tracking of an action. Additional information of the Forms On-line user roles may be found at this link.

Training and Resource Materials:

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