Section UCD-520, Employment of Near Relatives
Approved: 6/6/13
Supersedes: 9/2/08

Responsible Department: Academic Affairs
Source Document: UC APM-520

Exhibit A, Request for Employment of Near Relatives

I. Purpose

This section presents supplemental information to UC APM 520 and Chapter 380, Section 13 of the Policy and Procedure Manual on the employment of near relatives hired in Academic title series.

II. Definition

Near relative--spouse, parent, domestic partner, child, sibling, aunt/uncle, or niece/nephew.

A. In-laws or step-relatives including a relative of a domestic partner in one of the relationships listed above are considered near relatives.

B. Other persons residing in the same household as the employee are also considered near relatives.

III. Policy

A. The hire of a near relative of a current employee is permitted when it is in the best interest of the University. Approval is required prior to employment if the near relatives would be employed in the same department and would have:

1. A direct or indirect supervisory relationship.

2. The same immediate supervisor.

3. A close working relationship.

B. Approval is also required when the familial or work relationship of two current employees changes so that the employees become near relatives in the same department. The employees shall both inform their department head as soon as possible after the change.

C. Regardless of supervisory relationships, no employee shall take part in the process of review and decision-making on any matter concerning appointment, promotion, tenure, salary, retention, discipline, or termination of a near relative in the same or a different department.

IV. Procedures and Approval Process

A. When one or both near relatives are academic appointees in the same department, the Department Chair shall submit a letter requesting approval of the employment relationship (see Exhibit A).

1. The letter shall be signed by both of the near relatives, stating that they shall not participate in the processes of review and decision-making on any matter concerning appointment, promotion, salary, retention, or termination of a near relative.

2. Each near relative shall recuse him/herself from voting on each other’s actions if departmental and campus voting procedures would warrant a vote.

3. If the working relationship would normally require one party to supervise the other, an unrelated and qualified third party should be identified as supervisor to avoid a perception of a conflict of interest.  The Department Chair will develop written procedures for third party review of performance.

B. The Chair forwards the document to the Dean for approval.

C. The Dean will provide a copy of the letter to Academic Affairs (and to Human Resources if one of the employees is a staff employee) for inclusion in the personnel files of the parties involved.

V. References and Related Policies

UCD Policy and Procedure Manual:

A. Section 380-13, Near Relatives.

B. Section 380-16, Conflict of Interest.