Appointment and Promotion
Section UCD-340B, Appointment and Promotion of University Extension Teachers
Approved: 3/23/01, reissued 11/26/08
Supersedes: New

Responsible Department: Academic Affairs
Source Document: UC APM-340

340B-4 Series description

a. The University Extension Teacher series is used for academic appointees in University Extension who, as professional adult educators, teachers, or curriculum planners, represent the University in service to the public through planning and conducting University Extension programs, classes, conferences, seminars, correspondence/distance education courses, discussion groups, and lectures.

b. Various terms may be used in the titles to designate subject matter of the teachers; for example, English as a Second Language Teacher, Information Technology Teacher.

c. State funds and/or non-State funds may support positions in this category.

340B-10 Criteria

a. A person appointed to a position in this series must have a professional background of academic achievement and/or experience to this series. A master's or equivalent or other appropriate degree(s) may be required. Certain positions may require a doctorate or equivalent experience.

b. Merit increases and promotions are based on teaching performance, professional competence and activity, and University and public service.

340B-17 Terms of service

a. Appointment to a University Extension Teacher title is for one fiscal year or less. Appointment may be made on a contract basis.

b. Reappointment may be made consistent with a, above.

c. Recommendations for merit increases normally shall be reviewed every second year.

d. A performance review, in the absence of merit, shall take place at least every three years.

340B-20 Conditions of employment

a. Appointees to this series accrue sick leave in accordance with Academic Personnel Manual 710.

b. Appointees to this series are entitled to family and medical leave in accordance with Academic Personnel Manual 715.

c. Appointees to this series accrue vacation leave in accordance with Academic Personnel Manual 730.

d. Appointees with qualifying service are included in the University of California Retirement System (UCRS). For details and exceptions, see a copy of the informational booklet concerning the UCRS.

e. Membership in the Academic Senate is not acquired by appointment to this series.

f. Neither tenure nor security of employment is acquired by appointment to this series.

g. Appointees to this series shall not be eligible for sabbatical leave by virtue of such an appointment; neither shall they accrue sabbatical leave credit through such an appointment. However, leave with pay may be recommended when the leave is in the interest of an appointee's duties and professional development and to the extent that provision therefore is available in the fund source(s) from which the appointee's salary is paid.

340B-24 Authority

The Dean of University Extension is authorized to approve appointments, reappointments, and merit increases to titles within this series.