Appointment and Promotion
Section 245B, Appointment and Review of Graduate Group Chairs
Approved: 1/16/03
Supersedes: 2/15/02

Responsible Department: Graduate Studies
Source Document: UC APM 245

Exhibit A, Duties of Graduate Group Chairs

245B-4 Definition

Graduate group chair--a faculty member who serves as the academic leader and administrative head of a graduate group, assuming certain duties equivalent to a department chair under Section APM-245 as an "equivalent officer."

245B-6 Responsibility

The duties of graduate group chairs are described in Exhibit A. An acting chair assumes the duties and responsibilities of the graduate group chair as described.

245B-10 Appointment

a. Chairs

1) The Chancellor shall appoint the chairs of graduate groups upon the recommendation of the Dean--Graduate Studies; the Dean shall consult with the members of the graduate group faculty and the lead dean responsible for the graduate group prior to offering a formal recommendation.

2) Although service as chair is at the pleasure of the Chancellor, a chair normally serves for a period of three to five years. (Periods of sabbatical leave or of service as an acting or vice chair are not included in computing a chair's total service.)

3) A chair may be continued beyond five years of service only after a mandatory review of the appointee's service by the Dean--Graduate Studies and a report by the Dean to the Chancellor. The review shall be consonant with the procedures for review of chairs, including consulting with Divisional Senate and other committees as appropriate.

4) A graduate group chair may simultaneously serve as department chair or director of an organized research unit.

b. Acting chairs

If a chair will be absent from the campus for an extended period of time (i.e., for a quarter or more), or if the Chancellor wishes to defer the appointment of a new chair, the Chancellor may appoint another member of the faculty as acting graduate group chair, according to the same procedure as that by which a chair is appointed, to act for the graduate group chair during the absence.

Note: When a graduate group chair's absence will be of such limited duration (i.e., less than a quarter) that it is not feasible to appoint an acting chair, the chair should assure, by formal delegations of signature authority and other appropriate means, that group administrative affairs will be conducted properly during the absence.

245B-11 Criteria for evaluating leadership and service in the academic review process

Academic leadership is, in itself, a significant academic activity. Therefore, distinguished leadership and effective discharge of administrative duties by a graduate group chair shall be considered as appropriate criteria in evaluating his or her performance for continued appointment. It is expected that a graduate group chair will remain active in both teaching and research in order to maintain his or her capabilities in the appropriate field of scholarship. However, a chair of a large graduate group may require reduced time for teaching and research. Reduced activity in these areas that results from active service as a graduate group chair should be recognized as a shift in the type of academic activity pursued rather than a shift away from academic pursuits altogether. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate to include this service when considering merit increases/promotions. Merit and promotion evaluation of faculty members who are also serving as graduate group chairs shall include comments on effectiveness of service as graduate group chair from the Dean--Graduate Studies, who shall consult with others, as appropriate. The Dean will be notified that a review is necessary by the department chair, as indicated in Section UCD-220A, Academic Review Process--General Policies and Procedures. As part of the consultative process, the Graduate Dean (or designee) shall:

a. Consult with the graduate group's executive (or equivalent) committee. The Graduate Dean may exercise the option of meeting directly with the above committee, requesting a written evaluation from the committee, or both. If the graduate group chair is a member of the committee (as is typically the case), the chair will be excluded from the meeting or from having input in the written evaluation process.

b. Consult with the lead dean responsible for the graduate group.

c. Consult with additional faculty members of the graduate group, graduate students in the program, associate deans in the Graduate Division, and/or members of the Graduate Council, if deemed appropriate by the Graduate Dean.

Normally, the Graduate Dean's evaluation will be influenced largely by information obtained during the consultative process, in combination with the Graduate Dean's personal assessment of the effectiveness of the graduate group chair in fulfilling the duties described in Exhibit A. However, at the discretion of the Graduate Dean, other relevant materials may be used as part of the evaluation process.

The final written evaluation shall be submitted to the relevant department chair, who will insert it into the candidate's dossier as indicated in Section UCD-220A.

245B-18 Salary

University policy permits payment of administrative stipends to graduate group chairs. Stipends are calculated according to specified criteria. Information on stipends is available in the Office of the Dean--Graduate Studies.