APM UCD-245B, Exhibit A

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Appointment and Promotion
Section 245B, Appointment and Review of Graduate Group Chairs
Exhibit A, Duties of Graduate Group Chairs

The chair of a graduate group is its academic leader. Appointed by the Chancellor, the chair is responsible to the Chancellor through the Dean--Graduate Studies and the appropriate lead dean for the group. The chair is expected to seek the advice of group members in a systematic way and to provide for the conduct of group affairs in an orderly fashion through meetings of the faculty and of appropriate committees. The chair is also expected to seek student advice on matters of concern to students enrolled in the group's programs. The chair is assisted in the tasks involved in carrying out his or her responsibilities by an executive committee and such other means as specified in the bylaws of the group. However, the responsibilities themselves may not be delegated.

A. As academic leader of the group, the chair has the following duties:

1. The chair is responsible for implementing standards developed by the group for election to, and continuation of, membership in the group. He or she is expected to:

a. Ensure that prospective group members are made aware of the criteria for membership.

b. Monitor adherence to standards for continued participation.

c. Participate in the recruitment and selection of faculty whose disciplines are essential to the program.

2. The chair is in charge of planning the curriculum of the group and obtaining requisite approvals. This includes, but is not limited to:

a. Developing courses necessary for the curriculum.

b. Obtaining approval from the Graduate Council for changes in curriculum.

c. Reviewing the curriculum of the group.

d. Encouraging academic excellence in the program.

3. The chair is responsible for identifying the faculty, staff, and other resource needs of the group.

4. The chair should be receptive to questions, concerns, and suggestions from members of the group and from students in the program, and should take appropriate action.

5. The chair is responsible for recruitment of students to the graduate program according to the graduate enrollment plan and the bylaws of the group.

6. During Graduate Council review of the graduate program, the chair is responsible for:

a. Providing the Graduate Council and/or Graduate Studies with any required materials in a timely manner.

b. Implementing any programmatic changes required by the Graduate Council.

B. The chairperson's administrative duties include the following (special assignments may be added from time to time, and the Chancellor or Dean--Graduate Studies or lead dean may specify additional duties):

1. To make teaching assignments of group-offered courses in consultation with the department chair of the instructor(s)' home department and to arrange the offering of departmental courses essential to the group curriculum.

2. To prepare the schedule of courses and of times and places for courses offered by the group.

3. To provide to the Dean--Graduate Studies nominees for appointment as graduate adviser(s), including adviser with authority to admit and adviser to serve as principal liaison with the Office of Graduate Studies.

4. To administer the financial affairs of the group in accordance with University procedures and in consultation with the chair of the department that provides the administrative home for the group.

5. To arrange at least one meeting per year of group members.

6. To provide orientation for all new students entering the program.

7. To maintain records and prepare reports in accordance with University procedures.