APM UCD-245A, Exhibit A

Appointment and Promotion
Section 245A, Appointment and Review of Department Chairpersons
Exhibit A, Duties of Clinical Department Chairpersons

The chairperson of a department of instruction and research is its leader and administrative head. Appointment is made by the Chancellor, to whom the chairperson is responsible through the Dean of the School of Medicine.


The chairperson has the following duties:

1. Is in charge of planning the programs of the department in teaching, research, and other functions; is expected to keep the curriculum of the department under review, and to maintain a climate that is hospitable to creativity, diversity and innovation.

2. Is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of both the academic and the staff personnel of the department; in consultation with colleagues, recommends appointments, promotions, merit increases, and terminations; is expected to make sure that faculty members are aware of the criteria prescribed for appointment and advancement, and to make appraisals and recommendations in accordance with the procedures and principles stated in the President's "Instructions to Review and Appraisal Committees" (see Section 210 of the Academic Personnel Manual), and the University's "Affirmative Action Personnel Program" (see Section 035 in the Academic Personnel Manual).

In the course of recruitment of the new appointees or in relation to salary increases or advancement of incumbents, the department chairperson shall make no formal commitment as to rank and step until such action has received the final approval of the appropriate administrative office.

3. Should be receptive to questions, complaints, and suggestions from members of the department, both academic and staff personnel, and from students; and should take appropriate action as required.


The chairperson has duties which include the following, although special assignments may be added from time to time, and the Chancellor may specify additional duties:

1. Makes teaching assignments in accordance with the policy described in Regulation 750 of the Academic Senate and makes other assignments of duty to members of the department.

2. Prepares the schedule of courses and of times and places for class meetings.

3. Establishes and supervises procedures for compliance with University regulations on the use of guest lectures, and Academic Senate Resolution 546 on special studies courses.

4. Makes arrangements and assignments of duty for the counseling of students, and for the training and supervision of Teaching Assistants and other student teachers and teacher aides.

5. Prepares the budget and administers the financial affairs of the department, in accord with University procedures.

6. Schedules and recommends to the Chancellor sabbatical leaves and other leaves of absence for members of the department. The chairperson may approve a leave of absence with pay for seven calendar days or less for attendance at a professional meeting or for the conduct of University business without submitting a leave of absence form. (See Section 752 of the Academic Personnel Manual.)

7. Reports promptly the resignation or death of any member of the department.

8. Is responsible for the custody and authorized use of University property charged to the department, and for assigning departmental space and facilities to authorized activities in accordance with University policy and campus rules and regulations.

9. Is responsible for departmental observance of proper health and safety regulations, in coordination with the campus environmental health and safety officer.

10. Maintains records and prepares reports in accord with University procedures.

11. Reports any failure of an academic or staff member of the department to carry out responsibilities, and recommends appropriate disciplinary action.

12. To report annually on the department’s affirmative action program, including a description of good faith efforts undertaken to ensure equal opportunity in appointment, promotion, and merit activities, as well as a report on affirmative action goals and results in accordance with campus policy.


A chairperson has additional responsibilities relating to patient care activities carried out at the Medical Center. The chairperson shall:

1. Maintain membership in the active medical staff of the University of California, Davis, Medical Center.

2. Support, administer, and implement those sections of the University of California, Davis, Medical Center medical staff bylaws and rules and regulations pertaining to the specific responsibilities and activities of the department.

3. Review, evaluate, and make recommendations for all department clinical appointments and reappointments to the Hospital Medical Staff.  Promptly report the failure of any staff member to discharge patient care responsibilities in accordance with the standard practice within the community and the University of California, Davis Health System Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and recommend appropriate disciplinary action to the CEO, Hospital and Clinics and Chief of Staff.

4. Using medical staff privileging criteria, developed in accordance with the University of California, Davis, Medical Center bylaws, provide for the continuing evaluation and review of clinical work performed by members of the department to include periodic reviews of quality of care provided to patients treated by members of the clinical department. These activities shall be summarized and reported to the Hospital Medical Staff Executive Committee annually.

5. Assure there is adequate coverage of the services provided by the department.  Coverage includes assessment and assignment of appropriate number of competent, privileged practitioners needed to provide safe, high quality patient care services.  Appropriate on-call and back-up services shall also be provided.  The chairperson shall inform the Chief of Staff or Chief Medical Officer of coverage deficiencies or inability to provide services.

6. Disseminate information to members of the department regarding medical staff and hospital policies, procedures, and practices.

7. Maintain effective communication with hospital administrative staff relative to support requirements for patient care activities of the department. This shall include the identification of current and long- term needs of the department and the annual identification of physical resource needs within the hospital to support the clinical activities of the department.

8. Under delegation from the   Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hospital and Clinics when Medical Staff responsibilities are provided predominately by members of the department faculty, administer outpatient activities.

9. In addition to assuring compliance with University policies relating to leaves of absence for academic members of the department (see II-6, above), the chairperson shall advise the Dean, CEO Hospital and Clinics, and Chief of Staff of all extended absences of members of the department and during these absences provide for the availability of qualified replacements for patient care, and hospital administrative assignments.

10. Responsible for the department Graduate Medical Education Program.  Provide for assignment, evaluation, and supervision of the clinical activities of post graduate physicians by qualified faculty members.  Serve as the Program Director or appoint a qualified individual.

11. Provide for compliance with the administrative requirements of the Joint Commission on and Title XXII of the California Code of Regulations, and CMS Conditions of Participation.

12. Assure compliance with Institutional Review Board policies, requirements, and reporting by all members of the department.

13. Manage and operate programs of the department in a fiscally sound manner and actively support and encourage efforts to reduce costs that do not adversely effect quality and customer service.

14. Create and foster an environment which supports and encourages excellence in customer service to patients, referring physicians, and other internal and external customers.

In the performance of the duties listed above, the chairperson is expected to seek the advice of departmental faculty colleagues and other medical staff in a systematic way, and to provide for the conduct of department affairs in an orderly manner through department meetings and the appointment of appropriate committees. The chairperson is also expected to seek student advice on matters of concern to students enrolled in the department's programs. In large departments, the chairpersons may be assisted by a vice chairperson or other colleagues in the tasks involved in carrying out his/her responsibilities and, when desired, by an executive committee chosen in an appropriate manner; however, the responsibilities themselves may not be redelegated.

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