APM UCD-220, Procedure 5

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Appointment and Promotion
Section UCD-220, Academic Senate Review and Advancement
Procedure 5, Appeal

Responsibility Action

1. May initiate appeal of denial through department chair within 30 days of written notification from department chair. Extensions must be requested and approved in advance of 30-day deadline.

2. Writes letter of appeal providing supporting analysis and documentation of rationale for appeal; submits to department chair. 

Department chair

3. May consult with department and provide departmental letter. 

4. Transmits appeal materials (including dossier and support materials originally submitted for the advancement) to dean.


5. Reviews appeal and makes notation of its receipt.

6. If it is a redelegated action, sends dossier forward to the Appellate Subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAPAC) without comment.

7. If action is not redelegated (an action for which the Vice Provost--Academic Personnel has final approval authority),sends dossier forward to the Office of the Provost with comment in a cover letter.

Vice Provost--Academic Personnel 8. Submits materials to Committee on Academic Personnel Appellate Subcommittee (CAPAC).

9. Reviews appeal. 

10. For redelegated actions, forwards written recommendation to the Dean; for non-redelegated actions, forwards written recommendation to the Vice Provost--Academic Personnel.

Dean (when action is redelegated)


Vice Provost--Academic Personnel for non-redelegated actions

11. Reviews appeal and CAPAC recommendation, makes final decision and transmits this decision, in writing, to the department chair.


12. Reviews appeal and CAPAC recommendation, makes the final decision, and forwards this decision to the dean for transmission, in writing, to the department chair.

Note: When administrative appeals have been exhausted, Academic Senate members have the right to appeal any questions regarding the review process directly to the Committee on Privilege and Tenure. The Academic Senate Office (752-2231) should be contacted to obtain information on procedures. Non-Senate members should refer to APM-140, Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Grievances.